Summer is absolutely my favorite season of the year. When I was a kid, I spent the whole season in bright neon bathing suits (oh the ’90s), and something about the long, warm days makes me feel happiest, even now as a mom of three under 3.

I recently gave birth to twins, and to say growing two babies took a toll on my body is a huge understatement. I’ll admit I was feeling a bit insecure because I didn’t bounce back like all the magazines tell me I should be doing (psst: there is no such thing as bouncing back, mama). I was most certainly not looking forward to wearing anything too revealing.

However, 2020 has been recorded as one of the warmest years ever, summer camps are closed and activities are limited and we’re spending a ton of private time in our backyard with our children. So I decided it’s time to break out the suits and give my new body some love.

As I said, things still feel different. I’m also breastfeeding and pumping, which means easy access to my boobs is necessary 24/7, and my breasts are a size or two bigger than they used to be. My C-section scar is slowly healing so I need to make sure it’s covered from the sun. I’m also chasing a toddler so I need styles that allow me to bend over, run and jump around without exposing myself to everyone.

These are the bathing suits I’m loving this summer:

Cheeky Chickadee one piece

Swan Women's One Piece Sleeveless Swimmers

I put on this swimsuit early in the season and was so pleasantly surprised by how soft and comfortable the fabric and cut are. Designed by a mom of four, the Australian brand’s designs are adorable and come in matching pieces for the whole family (dads included!).




Albion high-waisted bikini

Black check top knot

I am obsessed with this retro-style bikini for many reasons. For starters, the high waist is super flattering and comfortable—especially now that I’m still fixing my diastasis recti from the twins’ pregnancy. The top kept my breasts covered but accessible for feeding the babies while the back straps gave me good support. You can mix and match prints and even wear it while pregnant as it easily accommodates a bump.




Terez tie dye one piece

Raspberry Tie Dye One Piece Swimsuit

Tie-dye is the hottest trend this summer—and I’m here for it. While this suit is super comfortable, it is a bit cheekier than I expected when I first put it on. So I’ll be working on my tan lines before taking it out paddle boarding again.




Londre minimalist swimsuit


When I asked in a Facebook group what everyone was doing for bathing suits this summer, Londre came highly recommended. The cut of this one-piece is so flattering no words will do it justice. This style has a cheekier cut and the material is slightly compressing, which I found extremely helpful, given the lack of core control I have right now.




Solid & Stripe high-waisted bikini


I’m so obsessed with this bikini that I don’t know even where to begin. Let’s start with a recommendation: Size up on the top, especially if you’re breastfeeding, as I found it ran on the smaller side and was uncomfortable when my breasts were full. That aside, the colors are amazing, the quality is outstanding, and I wore this bikini all day without any issues.




J Crew scalloped bikini top

Scalloped V-neck bikini top in laser-cut eyelet

I wore last summer’s version of this bikini throughout my twin pregnancy (I sized up for both top and bottom), and this summer, I’m still wearing it regularly. The cut and the laser cut eyelets make this piece a classic. I’ve had J Crew swimsuits for many years and the quality is always fantastic.




Ruby Love period swimsuit

Period Swimwear One Piece | Miami Vice

No period (or postpartum bleeding) can stop me from enjoying the outdoors with my kids anymore with this Ruby Love period-proof bathing suit. It holds up to three tampons worth of protection and it won’t swell if you get in the water. (I admit, I’m not a fan of tampons, so this is perfect!)




Solid & Striped stripe one piece


There’s a reason why the Michelle is one of their bestselling swimsuits with new moms. The cut is flattering and flirty without being too revealing and still provides easy access to breasts. Plus, the fabric is super soft and comfortable.




Lively sustainable bikini

The All-You & High Waist Swim Bundle

Made out of recycled water bottles, this bikini is soft, comfortable and, most importantly, super chic. I wore it all day as underwear (isn’t that what you do sometimes?) and pumped while wearing it without any issues. You can also buy the high-waisted bottom that matches this set if you want some more variety.




Andie recycled one piece

The Mykonos

This bathing suit has UPF 50+ protection so you don’t have to worry about being out in the sun all day chasing little ones through sprinklers. You can choose between classic or long torso and it’s size-inclusive—it runs from XS to XXXL. The eco-friendly version is made of 87% recycled plastic.




Batoko recycled swimsuit

Batoko Lobster

This is the first swimsuit I put on after the birth of my twins. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was nerve-wracking to do so, but this one-piece was the perfect one for that first trip to the lake with my toddler . The print is super fun (this one is double eco-friendly as it’s not only made of recycled plastic, but for every suit purchased a baby lobster is released back into the ocean). The cut is more conservative if that’s your preference.




And, if you want to spruce up your look, I love these accessories:


Pax Philomena midi dress


I’m obsessed with this dress. The material is uber-soft, the cut is mega flattering and the print is fun and summery. I wear it both as a beach cover-up and also just to hang out inside when it’s hot and sticky. Since it’s so airy, it keeps me cool and dry all day long.




Lake midi dress

Lake Midi Dress

This midi dress is ideal for when you have to throw something on quickly to go chasing after your kids at the beach or for a quick picnic outdoors.




Bearpaw sandals


These were the first shoes I put on after delivering my twins and months later, I’m still living in them. They are so comfortable and stylish, plus eco-friendly! The cork midsole means you can get your feet wet without damaging them or causing your foot to slip around.




Native flat

Audrey native shoes

I cannot get enough of these flats. They are fully waterproof so you can wear wherever you go with your little ones, but they are also comfortable to walk around in all day, giving me more options than just the old flip flops I’ve been wearing forever.




Buru sunglasses

Glam Mom Shades

I’ve worn these sunglasses non-stop since the day I got them. They look great with a bathing suit or when hitting the supermarket. So far none of my children have been able to destroy them, which makes them even better.




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