Before I welcomed my first child in December 2020, I was set on keeping tabs on all things diapers , feedings, sleep, and more . I had the most adorable journal waiting on my bedside table and planned to mark down every little thing I needed to remember. When my baby girl finally arrived, I quickly realized that it wasn't possible to have that journal handy at every feeding and diaper change, and obviously couldn't run to get it at any given moment. When it was convenient, I'd use the journal, and oftentimes would instead find myself making notes in my phone when the book wasn't handy. This all equaled nothing but confusion. That's where the Talli Baby Tracker comes into play. In April, I was given the chance to receive and review the Talli Baby Tracker, and wasn't quite sure what to expect, but with a growing little babe, I was all in on hoping this would help keep my tabs on my daughter a bit more organized. The logging device did just that, and here's how.

Here's everything you need to know about the Talli Baby , mama.

Price : $109.99 for a one pack, and grab two for $179.99. Details : The Talli Baby tracks the following: Feedings (bottle, breast, and solids), diapers (both wet & dirty), sleep, pumping, and even has a miscellaneous button that allows you to customize what you want to track, including medications, tummy time, bathtime and more. Not only does the handy device work wonders in the middle of the night, but all of your information is stored in an app for easy access. If you've got a sitter (or grandparent, sibling or friend) watching your baby, they can gain access to the insights and help keep track while you're away–a huge benefit for those who are headed back to work post-baby. (It also integrates with Alexa if you have an Echo device.) The best part, for me, was that you don't have to strictly use the device. If you're on the go or traveling (or simply nursing from the comfort of your couch) you can use the app to track whatever you need. My experience: I wasn't exactly sure how I'd respond to using the device, but I was hopeful that it would be helpful, and it truly was. For me, there were many things I didn't realize I'd need to track over the first few months, and the Talli was perfect for those unseen events. For example, when my daughter got her first cold, I (obviously) was frantic. After speaking with her pediatrician via telehealth, she assured me that Salma was just fine, but told me to make sure that I was tracking her wet diapers to make sure she wasn't dehydrated. Luckily, the Talli device made it super simple to track those wet diapers and report back to our doctor just to confirm that our daughter was fine. Without it, I think I would have lost track and my anxiety would have gotten the best of me. I found the device to be extremely easy to use and didn't have a problem remembering to track things via the panel–in fact, it was a welcomed break from being on my phone and needing to use electronics in the middle of the night. That being said, I didn't use the app as much as most people might, but I do feel as though the app would be extremely helpful for caregivers. All in all, I'd recommend the Talli device to any parent who would like to have peace of mind–especially in those first few months!

Talli Baby Tracker

talli-baby-tracker Talli's sleek design can be mounted to the nursery wall or just kept on your changing or bedside table. It runs on AA batteries, so no cords to outlets to worry about!
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