In the age of Marie Kondo’d closets and capsule wardrobes, the bar for what makes an article of clothing truly “must-have” is set prettttty darn high.

But if ever there was a staple dress, my friends, this little miracle of a dress would be it. And with almost three thousand reviews, I’m far from the first person to discover how fabulous it is.

Simple? Check. Flattering? Double check (hello ruching and adorably sexy tulip hem!!) Affordable? Let’s just say if I divide the cost of what I paid by the amount of times I’ve worn the two I own, I’m in for less than a cup of coffee each time I’ve taken it out for a spin.

Available in a rainbow of colors for the bold, a sensible muted palette of greys and black for the rest of us, and in sizes XXS to 4X, there’s a version for almost every taste and figure.

And at 30% off right now, it’s ready for date nights, and every occasion in between. Simply throw on a cardigan for chillier weather.

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