I have twins, which means I get the front seat to the incredible experience of raising two genetically identical children who somehow still have totally different skills and timelines in which they develop. This, beyond being fascinating, also means that I stress a lot about the one twin who was seemingly always behind her sister in terms of development.

Baby A has hit every single milestone before Baby B (I don’t know if it’s a total coincidence that she was also born first—if anyone knows please let me know). Rolling happened first, smiling beyond gas happened first, and even sitting up happened first for Baby A. Every single time she would master something and her sister didn’t I would freak out. Eventually (about two weeks later give or take) Baby B would catch up.

Then came crawling. Baby A was zooming around the entire house, exploring, playing with our oldest son. In the meantime, Baby B would roll around frustrated that she couldn’t move anywhere and cry. It broke my heart, but also when two weeks passed and she wasn’t yet crawling I started to worry. Thankfully my freaking out coincided with their 9-month check-up and their (very very very patient) pediatrician told me it was OK to worry, but that she saw nothing concerning and she thought Baby B would be chasing her sister in no time (if you have concerns, always check with your doctor first).

Reassured, but also tired of hearing her complain that she couldn’t independently explore every room, I got these leggings from Progressive Crawlers to see if they would help her get the gist of being on hands and knees. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

What are Progressive Crawlers? Really cute leggings designed by a pediatric physical therapist and mother of three, Megan Matsen Antonacci. The leggings have grippy clouds, strategically placed to encourage proper body alignment and also more stability to crawl. The grippy clouds are placed in the forearm, hip, knee and shin muscle groups that come into contact with the ground surface.





In no time after wearing them Baby B was happily crawling around the house and now we cannot keep her off from climbing up steps and stairs (here we go stressing again) and she’s so excited to be able to chase everyone around the house. So yeah, they work! And work so well that she now has mastered crawling and doesn’t need the leggings anymore to help her out, I still make both babies wear them because they are so so cute.

So, of course, now I can’t stop recommending Progressive Crawlers to anyone who asks for baby products I love. They are stylish, excellent quality and actually helpful.

Progressive Crawlers leggings


They range from sizes 6-18 months and come in seven different colors and patterns.




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