16 love-filled baby names for your little Valentine

These love-inspired names are uber special.

baby with heart balloon

Love is more than just a four letter word. It's multidimensional: it can be a symbol, a term of affection, a feeling, and it's a universal language (with lots of translations for cute names!). All of these make the word "love," a great tool for inspiration when it comes to picking out a name for your newborn. Your little angel deserves the best name love can buy, so why not browse a list of names that'll remind you how much you love them every single day?

Similar to these February baby names, these love-inspired names are equally as sweet.

If your baby's birthday falls on or around February 14th, considering naming them after the romantic holiday with names like Valentino, Valentina, or Valentin. Of course, all of these can also be shortened to Val, too.

Amorie and Amata are two names that are gaining popularity right now. Amorie can be a play on the Spanish word "amor," which means love and Amata is the Italian derivative for "beloved."

Libi is also climbing the baby name charts and means "my heart." Sticking with names that start with the letter "L," Lennon and Lev are possible contenders. Lennon means "lover" whereas Lev means "heart" and "lion," or if you piece the two together: "heart of the lion."

TV and movies are also a great source to find love-inspired baby names. For example, Esme from Twilight, Love from the Netflix series YOU, or Rose after Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek are lovey-dovey first names. Esme means "esteemed" and "beloved." Love and Rose are as straightforward as love names go, but it doesn't make them any less lovable!


Speaking of lovey-dovey, the name Dove is trending. The dove is often looked at as the bird of love and is associated with themes of "peace" and "the cooing sounds of love," making it a perfect fit.

Onto Greek mythology. Erasmus, Adelphia, and Aphrodite are all terms of endearment that could be given to someone you love, like your precious bebé. Erasmus means "desired;" Adelphia stands for "dearest sister;" Aphrodite is a nod to the goddess of love of the same name.

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