It’s all but guaranteed that baby’s nursery will soon be your favorite room in the house. After all, it’s where you bond over countless feeding sessions, cradle them in your arms while singing lullabies and study their small, perfect features as they drift off to sleep.

Not to mention the items that fill your nursery as adorable as they comes. 😉

From decor that will grow along with your baby to items essential for seeing you through those early days, we rounded up our favorite products to complete your nursery.

Motherly Timeless Collection Glider



1. A comfy place for mom and baby: Motherly Timeless Collection Glider

A quality glider is soothing for mama and baby—and it sure helps to snag a stylish one, too. With plush cushions and a convenient USB port for charging your phone, this cozy swivel chair can easily graduate to another room of the house.

Motherly Timeless Collection 5-in-1 Crib



2. A crib to grow with your baby: Motherly Timeless Collection 5-in-1 Crib

This beautiful crib ensures many nights of sweet dreams as it converts to a toddler bed, daybed, playhouse and full-sized bed. We love the modern style and our backs love the three different height adjustments for the mattress.

Dohm Connect Sound Machine



3. Soothing sounds: Dohm Connect Sound Machine

Adjust the volume to suit your environment (using the app or on the machine itself), and then sit back, relax and let the ZZZs come to you. You can even use the app to set sleep schedules—think of it as the most soothing alarm clock you’ve ever used, mama.

Lorena Canals Leaf Basket

Lorena Canals


4. Round up all those toys in style: Lorena Canals Leaf Basket

Babies have a way of accumulating lots of odds and ends. Keep it all organized and accessible with this durable, minimalist play bin thoughtfully designed to ease your mind as your little one starts toddling around.