Each time you’re at a stage in motherhood where things seem to be, dare I say, running smoothly(ish)… it seems something else pops up as a new challenge. You can finally let the baby play nearby while you take 15 minutes to blow dry your hair? That probably means they’re going to pull on your perfectly coiffed hair until you surrender and throw it into a ponytail the second you pick them up.

And as soon as it seems your baby may just be starting a new trend in—fingers crossed—sleeping through the night, a new tooth inevitably pops through knocking that trend right on its behind.

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These challenges can feel hard. At times, they can feel like they’re taking bits of ourselves away from us. For someone used to wearing their hair down, the hair pulling phase can be extra tricky. For someone who likes putting on “real” clothes every day, the I’m-teething-and-I-will-drool-all-over-that-top-you-picked-out phase can be extra annoying. And I think it’s safe to say that for all of us, the no-sleep stage(s) can be extra exhausting. (One day we will sleep again…)

As a mama who’s cruised through this phase a few times already and made it to the other side, I’ve realized there’s nothing more appreciated than a friend who says “I see you, and it gets easier. I promise.” So now, when I see a girlfriend struggling through these challenging new milestones, I have a favorite gift to offer her—one that makes her feel just a little more beautiful, put-together, and a bit more like herself.

These chic and stylish teething necklaces for mom from Anjie + Ash aren’t only fashionable, they’re useful, too. Made from 100% high-quality food-grade silicone, they’re easy-to-clean (with soap and water!) accessories that keep little ones happy and busy when they’re in your arms. They can chew, chomp and play without worry thanks to the magnetic clasp that’s secure enough for toddler tugs.

Growing, teething babies can be tough, but with the help of your best accessory (especially if you throw it in the freezer first to provide extra comfort) it’ll be a little more manageable—for mama and baby.

Here are some of our favorite Anjie + Ash teething necklaces for mamas:

Teething necklaces by Anjie + Ash

Anjie and Ash Mona Teething Necklace

Anjie + Ash


Mona Teething Necklace

She may not want to wear her grandmother’s signature pearls around the baby anytime soon, but she can wear the Mona Anjie + Ash in their place. These are the perfect beads for your classic, elegant friend who needs a necklace that’ll go with anything. (Bonus: They’re made from 100% high quality food-grade silicone and easy to wash with soap and water.)

Anjie and Ash Stainless Steel Prince Street Teething Necklace

Anjie + Ash


Stainless Steel Prince Street Teething Necklace

She may want or need something right now that connects her to her pre-mom self, and we think this necklace is just the one for that. For board meetings or date nights, this one is the right combination of sleek and chic, and TBH, it doesn’t look anything like the soothing teether it is. (Pro-tip: Put it in the freezer for a bit before wearing for extra teething comfort.)

Anjie and Ash Harmony Teething Necklace

Anjie + Ash


Harmony Teething Necklace

Perfect for the zen mama in your life, this extra-long necklace style is just the right length for baby to have something to hold onto while they’re nursing or drinking their bottle. They can play without worry thanks to the magnetic clasp that’s secure enough for tiny tugs.

Anjie and Ash Antoinette Teething Necklace

Anjie + Ash


Antoinette Teething Necklace

She may not love anything too colorful when it comes to jewelry, and that’s okay—we’ve got her back. The Antoinette piece is exactly what she needs for a subtle statement (and for sore little gums!).

Anjie and Ash Stainless Steel Mercer Street Teething Necklace

Anjie + Ash


Stainless Steel Mercer Street Teething Necklace

Feminine and bold, delicate (looking) and durable, this varying-shape necklace is great for your fashionista friend. She can dress this up or down and her little one won’t care what clothes she’s wearing as long as this necklace is around her neck.

A version of this story was published June 24, 2020. It has been updated.