Snoo, the smart bassinet created by baby whisperer Dr. Harvey Karp has been called a total game changer since it launched in 2016.

But it comes with a price tag—$1,695 to be exact. While it’s worth every penny, the SNOO is on sale for the best price of the year for just a couple of days! (And a Snoo sale doesn’t come around that often!)

Parents swear by the high-tech bassinet which responds to a baby’s cries while also keeping them safely swaddled on their back. For the first six months (or until baby can push up on their hands and knees) it can be a revolutionary option for baby’s sleep. (And parents’ sleep too!)

Using a brilliant combination of white noise, gentle motion and swaddling, the Snoo keeps baby calm a comfortable to help them fall asleep fast and stay asleep more soundly. If your baby cries or stirs, the bassinet responds by intensifying the rocking and noise one level to help soothe them, with five progressive levels total. However, if your baby needs you because they are hungry, wet or had enough sleep for that rest period, the SNOO will send a push notification to your phone to alert you that your baby needs your attention. Then it will shut down—it won’t continue to rock them if it’s clear they need more than rocking. (Karp compares it to a night nurse, but cheaper!)

Worried they’ll never be able to sleep without it? Don’t be. As they begin to grow, the app provides a wean setting that makes for an easy transition to crib sleeping.

From now until Saturday November 25th, 2023, the SNOO is 35% off–the lowest price we’ve seen! That’s nearly $600 in savings you could use for all kinds of things. Like snagging something for yourself from one of the other stellar Black Friday sales ! Or a fancy massage (or three)! It’s up to you, really. With all the rest you’re about to get, it’s basically a double jackpot.

They’re also offering additional Black Friday sitewide deals including

Shop the Snoo and the rest of the Happiest Baby sale below!

snoo bassinet

Happiest Baby



Each Snoo purchase comes with three organic cotton Snoo Sacks, the organic cotton Snoo Sheet, mattress and a water-resistant mattress cover. It also gets you unlimited access to sleep consultants, seven days a week!

Happiest Baby Sleepea Swaddle

Happiest Baby


Sleepea Swaddle

If you want some Dr. Karp magic but the Snoo isn’t an option, try the Sleepea swaddle instead! The Sleepea swaddles can make a 5-second swaddle expert out of anyone. (Yes, even completely exhausted, new parent zombies.) The foolproof design features a super simple internal band that secures baby’s arms and a snug, stretchy outer layer that even the most wiggle-worm babies can’t escape. It’s made from 100% organic cotton with breathable mesh panels at the shoulder and across the legs to keep baby from overheating and a two-way zipper for easy-access diaper changes. Ready to let their arms free? No problem. Simply unsnap the arm openings to use it as sleep sack!

A version of this story was published November 25, 2020. It has been updated.

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