When deciding how to diaper your baby, it may seem like a choice between traditional disposable diapers and cloth diapers. However, there is a third—dare we say better—option: eco-friendly diapers.

As a parent, there are relatively few certainties. But, on that short list of things you can 100% expect? Your baby is going to use up a lot of diapers and wipes. During the first month of life alone, you can expect a baby to go through about 300 diapers. All those diapers can add up—both in term of cost and environmental impact.

Because, here’s the thing, traditional disposable diapers can take up to 500 years to decompose in landfills. That means the great-great-great grandchildren of the baby who wore the diaper won’t even be around anymore by the time it finally breaks down. The result is that today’s landfills are overflowing with an estimated 400 billion (!!) used diapers.

We’re at a breaking point with landfills, but using cloth diapers isn’t a practical option for everyone. So, what’s the solution? Ecoriginals, the world’s first and only plastic neutral diaper and wipe company. Ecoriginals diapers and are made with organic, naturally-sourced materials that break down when you’re done with them. The wipes are 100% sustainably sourced, completely compostable and made using renewable energy. Even the packaging makes great worm food!

The company is also refreshingly transparent about how their diapers are made and what they are still working on. The current diaper design is even made with 90% natural products (which is incredibly impressive compared to others on the market) and Ecoriginals is on track to make their diapers 100% natural by 2023. They offset this minimal plastic use by going above and beyond with other environmental efforts, such as by planting a tree for every order, reclaiming 25 plastic water bottles per order and offsetting 10KG carbon per order by using sustainable energy sources.

And, here’s the real kicker: You don’t have to compromise your baby’s comfort or the effectiveness of the diapers either. The Plantcell Technology in Ecoriginals diapers is 40% more absorbant than competing disposable diapers, which keeps your little one’s sensitive areas dry and comfortable. Meanwhile, the 3D leak guard means you won’t have to combat nearly as many poo explosions.

Being thoughtful with their design extends to everything Ecoriginals does. They care about the environment. They care about our kids’ futures. They care about making effective, comfortable products. As consumers, these are real gifts—because we need fewer diapers taking up space in landfills and more love for Mother Earth.

Ready to take a closer look at Ecoriginals eco-friendly diapers and wipes? We’ve got you (and your baby’s cute booty) covered.


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1. 6 Packs of Mix-and-Match Diapers


When it comes to the diapers you choose for your baby a lot goes into your decision-making process. First of all – is it a good product? Will it keep baby comfortable and dry? Does it work with my lifestyle? We can’t all orchestrate a life where reusable diapers are a feasible option. And finally, when we consider the future for our babies, many of us are concerned about the environment. With every single purchase we make, we’ve got an opportunity to make an impact for good (or an impact for not-so-good). This is why we love Ecoriginals. Amazing diapers that truly perform, from a brand absolutely committed to sustainability – it’s the perfect combination. Select up to 2 different sizes for your 6 pack.

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2. 12 Packs of Wipes


Biodegradable bamboo baby wipes What better way to love your mother (Earth) than by making earth friendly choices for your family. Introducing plant-based baby wipes that are 100% earth & baby friendly. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo fibre and five all-natural ingredients, these wipes are fully biodegradable and home compostable. Manufactured in New Zealand using renewable energy. Pro tip: Feed them to your worms with your family food scraps (but we don’t recommend that you compost #2s).

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3. The Ultimate Eco Bundle


We’re obsessed with these plant-based diapers and bamboo wipes by Ecoriginals. Completely good for baby and completely good for the planet. Total win-win.