Back to school season is here and whether you're sending your kids to school for in-person instruction, or opting to keep them home, you'll want to remember this moment in time.

One way to do this is to create (or buy) a beautiful sign. We scoured the internet and became obsessed with the creativity. We especially love that mamas are getting in on the action, too—peep #5 below! Some are so good we're sure we'll see them again next year and maybe the year after.

This school season is unlike anything we've ever imagined, but we can get through this by learning to have a little fun.

Check out these super cute first day of school signs to brighten your day:

1. Ahead of the class

Image: @deyanamaarie

2. Happy smiles

Image: @megluxe

3. The mask crew

Image: @laurenysong

4. Double the fun

Image: @Raisingtherootsboys

5. #Momlife

Image: @hayatmoorehomes

6. Hopeful times

Image: @viavieandco

7. Pretty in pink

Image: @laur_diamantas

8. Cheers!

Image: @florameetfauna

9. A true king

Image: @breegplus_3

10. Silly signs


11. Pool posing

Image: @day2daydavis

12. Apple Madness

Image: @foreverfreckledblog

13. Scooter love

Image: @tamishuto

14. At-home signage

Image: @carrieradish

15. Mommy + me

Image: @beautifuldrea

16. Astronaut dreams

Image: @lauren.vanier

17. All smiles

Image: @sarajanekids

18. Motherhood goals

Image: @alittlejandk

19. Little lady

Image: @lainybugsdesigns

20. Middle school tears

Image: @JGRod1220

21. Preschool fun

Image: @mrsvalerielizarraga

22. Bus fun

Image: @sparkwandershop