8 memorable photos to take on baby's first Christmas 📸

These creative photo ideas will help you capture the magic of their first Christmas with photos you'll cherish forever.

1. Santa baby

Anne Hill

Who could resist a baby in a Santa hat, or better yet, full on St. Nick garb?

2. With lights

Bring the holiday magic to your photo with twinkle lights.

3. As a reindeer

Cute enough to guide Santa's sleigh tonight.

4. By the tree

This could become an annual tradition—documenting how the baby changes as grows as the tree stays the same.

5. With a letterboard 

Add a clever saying to help make the memories extra special or extra funny.

6. In festive pajamas

Because you'll never get to buy them a pair of pajamas this small again.

Bonus points for sibling matching.

7. On Santa's lap 

Santa's sleepy helper.

8. Stuffed in a stocking

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