These days, it seems like there's always something pulling at my family's attention. Between educating our children at home, my husband's and my work schedule, and even my daughters' Zoom play dates, it can be a challenge to find fun family activities we can do together. Because, the truth is, there are always opportunities to make important memories together.

This year, I've become even more committed to finding and creating valuable moments of togetherness that help us all feel more connected.

Here are eight ways we're spending meaningful time together this year:

1. Road trips

Whether it's a day trip to a national park or an overnight getaway, we love long car rides to introduce our girls to a world beyond our home. And when the girl inevitably fall asleep in the car? My husband and I get to catch up (uninterrupted!) on whatever is happening in our worlds.

2. Camping

There's nothing like disconnecting from everything to reconnect as a family. From s'mores over the fire to spending time outdoors, we love overnight camping trips for a quick getaway packed with memories we'll all remember forever.

3. Throwback movie night

Free Willy / HBO Max

One of my favorite parts of motherhood is seeing the world through fresh eyes, and that's especially true when it comes to reliving some of my favorite movies from my own childhood! When we all need a break, we'll pull up a classic movie like Free Willy on our HBO Max account and get lost in seeing our girls watch it for the first time.

4. Family cooking nights

There's something magic about the power of working together in the kitchen. Whether I'm teaching my oldest about the sauce recipe passed down from her great-grandmother or watching the baby try an ingredient for the first time, it seems there's always an opportunity to make a delicious memory.

5. Game night

From simple card games to board games my husband and I also played as a kid, one of our favorite monthly traditions is breaking out our favorite games on the weekend before or after dinner. I love seeing my daughter's brain at work as she strategizes her play, and we all love celebrating our wins.

6. Planting a garden

Not only is working in the yard a great activity for getting us all outside, it's also a great way to show my children the value of their hard work. And there's nothing like watching them enjoy a vegetable or fruit they planted themselves!

7. Nature hike

Hiking is one of our favorite family activities year round, whether we're taking in the changing leaves in the falls, stomping through freshly fallen snow in the winter or picking wildflowers in the spring. Plus, the extra fresh air always means a better naptime in the afternoon!

8. Dance party

Let's be honest—we all need an excuse to burn off a little extra steam these days! When we all need a release, one of my favorite things to do is blast some tunes and let us all get our wiggles out together.

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