Parents everywhere, rejoice: your favorite show is finally getting new episodes to stream next month. That's right, Bluey is coming to Disney+ for its third season—get ready to binge.

Grab your calendar and make note of Aug. 10, because that's when everyone's favorite Australian blue heeler fam is returning for the third season. Get ready to have "Good morning everybody, good morning everyone, hey!" running in an endless loop in your head yet again.

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This is, arguably, the best news 2022 has had to offer thus far (it's been a long year, and it's only July).

Bluey is, at its core, a show about kindness and love. What sets it apart is that it shows kids as real people with real emotions and valid wants and needs—kind of like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and Sesame Street. Mom Chilli, Dad Bandit, and their two daughters Bingo and Bluey, experience everyday moments as a family that kids and parents alike can relate to.

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The show also defies gender and parental stereotypes—dad Bandit is not only hands-on (unlike many other typical cartoon dads, who are often portrayed as hopelessly stumbling and bumbling beings), he invests in his daughters' imaginations and lives in a way that is so endearing to watch.

The show's creators have also taken the time to truly study children's psychology and what makes kids and families function.

“Art is often more salient, accessible and powerful than science. And I consider Bluey a kind of art,” says one of Australia’s leading child development experts, University of Wollongong professor Marc de Rosnay, to the Sunday Herald. “It expresses something and demands something of the viewer that 1000 developmental psychology or parenting books would struggle to do as well. I’m deeply indebted to [Joe Brumm] for creating it because if I were meeting a young couple today and they asked me for parenting advice, I would tell them to watch Bluey.”

On Aug. 10, there will be 25 7-minute episodes available on Disney+, with the second half arriving at a later date. The episodes will also air on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior later this fall. Season three will also feature celebrity cameos, too. Eva Mendes, Rose Byrne, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Natalie Portman have all lent their voices to the show—which is also launching a live touring show this November.