Here’s the good news: Netflix confirmed the third season of Dead to Me has been filmed and is ready to go. Now, here’s the bad news: The third season will be the final season for the beloved crime-drama series.

We’re happy to have more of our favorite BFF duo Jen and Judy back on the scene soon, and we won’t have to wait too much longer, because the show is returning to the streaming series (and our hearts) this fall. Planning for the third season began all the way back in September 2020—show creator Liz Feldman had confirmed that the show was still in the writing process.

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The show was supposed to begin filming in Dember 2020, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic put a huge delay on things, and the cast and crew didn’t actually begin filming until January 2021. Unfortunately, filming was pushed back even further due to the pandemic and picked up again in May of that year. But we’re so thrilled it’s finally coming back!

ICYMI, the second season ended with us on the edge of our seat. Spoiler alert: We learned how Steve Wood really died and that Jen previously killed Ben’s brother. The hit series is filled with drama and season three can’t come soon enough.

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“From start to finish, Dead To Me is exactly the show I wanted to make,” Feldman said in a statement. “And it’s been an incredible gift. Telling a story sprung from grief and loss has stretched me as an artist and healed me as a human. I’ll be forever indebted to my partners in crime, my friends for life, Christina and Linda, and our brilliantly talented writers, cast and crew. I am beyond grateful to Netflix for supporting Dead To Me from day one, and I’m thrilled to continue our collaboration.”

We’ll miss these ladies too! The final season will undoubtedly be filled with twists and turns for Jen and Judy and the whole Dead To Me universe. And now we have something to look forward to until the fall!

A version of this story was published July 6, 2020. It has been updated.