There are nights where we love cooking dinner.

They’re usually when we have plenty of time to prep, all the ingredients already in our cupboards, and we have the energy to tackle even the most complex recipe.

And then there are the other nights. The nights where we don’t have the energy to chop a carrot, let alone prepare a meal. The times when our kids are already hungry and cranky and just don’t have the patience to wait for our hard work.

You know those nights.

That’s why we love this latest pairing from Barilla and Spotify: the two companies are teaming up to make dinner fun and easier to get on the table.

Barilla now has an official Spotify account with free playlists that help make sure you cook your pasta for the correct amount of time.

Cooking spaghetti? Go ahead and throw on the “Mixtape Spaghetti” or “Top Hits Spaghetti” playlist. Both are nine minutes long—the exact time that Barilla recommends cooking spaghetti for. When the music ends, you know it’s time to drain your pasta.

Barilla also offers multiple playlists for fusilli, linguine, and penne rigate. They feature songs from Italian artists mixed with popular American acts, too.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your kids involved in cooking dinner, this is it. Let them pick your pasta and playlist for the night, followed by a dance party with Chef Mom.

You can forget about setting timers—just dance until your music ends. It’s that easy.

We’re always on the hunt for creative ways to get our kids more involved with nutrition and their health. If it makes our night easier and more enjoyable in the process? Sign us up!