If one could drop dead of embarrassment, I’d have been six feet under the day my daughter marched into my office belting out Let It Go into a vibrator. “Mama! I love this funny microphone! It wiggles!” would have been the last words I ever heard. (Clearly my sex toy game was better than my sex toy hiding game. But I digress.) I flew across the room Neo-style to snatch it out of her hand, and asked if she’d like to go out for ice cream before tucking it back in my bedside drawer. (That “talk” could come later.)

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But when it comes to talking with adults, I could talk about sex toys for days. I mean, there’s a reason Sex Toy parties are a thing. Once you get past the awkwardness, it’s just fun. And maybe it’s the company I keep, but every girls night ends up on the topic at some point. But there’s good reason to dish about what you like! After all, pleasure, alone or with a partner is one of the best ways to de-stress, relax, and connect. (Who doesn’t need as much of that as possible right now?) And while you don’t necessarily need an object to make it enjoyable, the addition of a vibrator or sex toy definitely ups the ante.

I’ve rounded up some of my personal favorites along with others that come highly recommended by friends who’ve definitely talked sex toys with me at length because that’s just who we are.

Here are 11 must-try sex toys to help you stay connected with your partner and yourself:

svakom coco g spot vibrator



Coco G-Spot Vibrator

If you’re new to the vibrator game, Svakom’s Coco G-Spot vibrator is a great place to start. The budget-friendly brand is not only an Amazon top-seller, but their products easily hold their own against their pricier counterparts. A favorite model? This flexible, spoon-sized vibrator which can be used for internal and external stimulation with five different speeds and vibration patterns. It’s small, discreet and pretty quiet too. But the best part? It promises an orgasm in 8-seconds. Wham, bam, thank you Coco.

dame com wand vibrator




Since the dawn of the Hitachi “massager” in the late 60s (we all know what it really is) wand style vibrators have been a go-to for good times. And while the OG is pretty fantastic, turns out you can improve on an original. Case in point: The latest release from the sex toy experts at Dame, the Com vibe. With a curved shaped that’s more ergonomic than the sometimes cumbersome straight wand, it’s much easier to find the perfect angle with a partner or solo. The bulb head offers five vibration patterns and intensities and is sizable enough to stimulate the clitoris and vulva simultaneously. It’s quiet enough to use discreetly but be warned–you might not be.

lelo ina wave



Ina Wave

Before Sex and the City, the word “rabbit” only meant one thing to me. But the late 90s made me wiser and for that I am grateful. Named for its adorable silhouette, “rabbit” style vibes provide internal and external stimulation simultaneously with a clitoral arm that gently rests and vibrates on the clitoris and an internal arm that vibrates and moves with a come hither motion along the g-spot. The result? A blended orgasm that’s been called “explosive,” “mind-blowing” and “addicting.” Lelo’s version, the award-winning Ina Wave is a top choice for its power, quality and downright sexy presentation.
(Note that some folks say this kind comes with a learning curve, but let’s be honest, it’s worth the practice.)

Jimmyjane form 2 pro



Form Pro 2

Speaking of rabbits, another bunny-esque design that’s earned frequent flier status is the best selling Form Pro 2 from luxury sex toy brand JimmyJane. Ideal for anyone who craves external stimulation, this compact little friend is small but mighty. The  three inch tall vibe packs a powerful duo motor that allows each “ear” to vary the vibration and intensity independently which tickles and teases in a way that’s erotic not robotic. There are five vibration patterns and five intensity levels to choose from which are easy to switch between without busting your groove. Since it’s so small, it’s great for partner play but given its prowess, you’re totally going to reach for it solo.



plus one ring



Waterproof Couples Stimulation Rechargeable Vibrating Ring

Looking for affordable options for a strong, yet comfortable ring? Look no further. plusOne offers a budget-friendly vibrating ring that keeps the penis harder longer while stimulating the partner who is being penetrated with its vibrating head. It fits at the base of the shaft with the vibrator facing up, which makes that adventurous cowgirl position even more fun. It’s stimulating, comfortable and rechargeable—who could ask for more?

dame fin finger vibrator



Fin Finger Vibrator

Like they say, the best things come in small packages. This powerful little nugget from Dame is no exception. Designed to rest comfortably between your fingers and without any extra business to get in the way, it’s perfect for stimulating your clit during penetrative sex. (Of course it’s also perfect solo!) The tether can be used on or off (personally, I never use it) and it’s equipped with three speeds to dial up or down. It’s not the quietest in my arsenal, but given its size it’s my go-to vibe for travel. I mean, I’m not ashamed but I like to make my interactions with TSA as sexless as possible, you know?

unbound puff




With their empowering ethos, inclusivity and just plain awesomeness, Unbound is a brand I could not possibly love more. Everything they make is pure bliss but I have to give a special shoutout to the Puff. With over 2.2K (well-deserved) 5-star reviews, this best-selling suction toy sucks–in the best way possible. The colorful toy is designed for clitoral stimulation with a slightly different technology than traditional vibrators (which can sometimes be too much for such a sensitive spot). Instead, it utilizes air pressure to create a vibrating sensation that doesn’t numb or desensitize. It’s quiet and waterproof, so go ahead! Fish those rubber ducks and plastic bath toys out of the tub and schedule a little me time with a toy of your own.

maude vibe




You know how baseball players have their favorite bats? Well, if pleasure is a sport, this is my bat of choice. Made by Maude, a female-founded modern sexual wellness company that puts an emphasis on simplicity, inclusivity and quality, its no frills, all chills. The feel is silky soft with a somewhat pliable texture/tip that directs the vibrations where you want them (as opposed to kicking it back into your hand like some cheap models can) and comes equipped with three speeds that build to hit just right. It’s compact with a quiet hum that’s totally parent-with-sleeping-children friendly which also makes it a great option for travel.

we-vibe chorus

We Vibe



Considered one of the best couples toys in the market, the We-Vibe chorus is a hands-free vibrator that can be worn comfortably vaginally during intercourse. The unique c-shaped toy vibrates on the clitoris and G-spot during sex creating more pressure and stimulation for each partner. What makes it even more fun is the touch-activated remote that lets your partner control the vibration based on how hard they squeeze the remote—there’s even an app that lets you play and connect with your partner from anywhere in the world. There are 10 different vibration modes to choose from along with more that can be programmed from the app itself. Technology at its finest!

b-vibe anal training kit



Anal Training Kit

If you’re in the mood to mix things up or anal play is a regular part of your repertoire, you’re going to need the right tools to make it enjoyable. (Like lube. Allllll the lube, thanks.) This seven-piece set equips anyone looking to explore anal with techniques and products that ensure more pleasure for all involved. In it you’ll find an anal enema, lube shooter, three plug sizes, as well as a step-by-step guide.

lelo olga




If Cleopatra had a sex toy, I imagine it looked like this. (FWIW, Cleopatra definitely had a sex toy.) And with a price tag like this, I assume it’s only owned by legit queens and Gwyneth Paltrow. But listen. You do you. If a 24k gold plated toy is in your budget, why not? It’s elegantly sculpted for deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation and made to order, just for you. The real shame would be stuffing it in your bedside drawer when you’re done. No, no. Not this one. This one needs a glass display case to marvel at its beauty.