Exercise your buying power this Breast Cancer Awareness Month by helping further research into this deadly disease: from athleisure to gift boxes, we have a list of some of the coolest items that benefit a great cause. Plus: the youngest bambino ever to visit all fifty states! And, why doctors now say first time moms shouldn't wait to push! It's all here in our weekly links.

  1. We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. This October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, some of our favorite shops are selling special pieces that benefit breast cancer research. If you can't decide where to donate to the cause this month, consider adding one of these items to your online cart.
  2. Push, push, push! For first-time mothers in the delivery room, doctors now say there's no need to wait an hour after your cervix is dilated to start pushing. Previously, many doctors thought delaying the push process would save mama some work and energy, but a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says for the best outcome for mama and baby, don't wait: push away!
  3. Moms who deliver via egg donor lack confidence in their parenting skills, according to a new study from the University of Cambridge. The study does not indicate that egg donor parents are in any way inadequate. In fact, it indicates relationships between parents and children are doing quite well. It does, however highlight a lack of confidence, which to us means you egg donor mamas might need a little extra pat on the back right now! You're doing great, mama!
  4. For most of us, that first vacation with baby in tow is stressful beyond belief. But one family has travel with a little one down to an art, after taking their four-month-old baby girl to all fifty states! Once they hit Vermont this week, she'll be the youngest person to visit every state in the country. And talk about scrapbook material: these pics of baby girl at every state's welcome sign are too adorable.
  5. Design with breastfeeding mothers in mind. A team of Prague-based designers have come up with this ultra sleek, totally modern take on a plain old boring bench -- the kind you'd find at a mall or in an airport. The addition of an ergonomic breastfeeding chair provides privacy for mama, while allowing her to stay in the middle of the action. No more hiding in the bathroom. We'd love to see these at JFK!

Photo via chefmeetsgirl.com.