New moms deserve all the pampering on Mother’s Day—so it’s only fair that new dads get their share of special treatment on Father’s Day. After all, becoming a dad is quite the adjustment! From lack of sleep to learning how to manage a massive blowout, he’s earning those Dad Badges left and right.

The best Father’s Day gifts for new dads are ones that make this new season of life just a little bit cushier. Because when you’re exhausted, short on time (and brain cells) what could be better?

From a dad-designed tactical hoodie that holds every baby essential (and then some) to the perfect black-out eye mask that will have him catching zzz’s in minutes, we’ve rounded up gifts for every new pop on the block.

Best Father's Day gifts for new dads

The Little Lemons Company Dad Hat

The Little Lemons Company

Dad Hat


He’s wearing so many new hats these days! Honor them all with a literal Dad Hat which he’ll be thrilled to show off at all the summer barbecues and sporting events.

fathers day hardcover

Artifact Uprising

Hardcover Book


Chances are, your camera roll is already bursting with photos of his journey into Dad-dom. If you want to completely melt his heart, make your favorites into the sweetest coffee table book ever with Artifact Uprising. They’re our go-to for stunning photo gifts because you don’t even need to be a professional photographer to look like one. From the high quality paper to the custom foil title, the finished product is always perfectly polished!

Bean Box Coffee of the Month Club

Bean Box

Coffee of the Month Club


New parenthood without coffee seems next to impossible. Keep his stash fresh and interesting with a subscription to some of the world’s greatest coffee. Each month he’ll receive a new roast from Seattle’s world-renowned roasters like Zoka, Seattle Coffee Works, Vita, and Fundamental complete with tasting notes and brewing tips to craft the most incredible cup right at home.

Colugo The Baby Carrier


The Baby Carrier


Every new parent needs a quality baby carrier and we love how the Colugo allows for multiple carrying positions, including the forward facing (but ergonomic) option that so many dads dig. It also features a super convenient removable fanny pack that’s large enough for diapers and wipes–great for keeping your load light or when you need to divide and conquer. The breathable design is also suitable for a variety of seasons and climates and easy to swap back and forth between parents.

takeya cold brew coffee maker


Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Hop on the sleep-deprived struggle bus, daddio! Luckily, this handy iced coffee maker makes a quart of delicious cold brew to caffeinate his weary soul. The cult-favorite minimalist design brews about four cups directly into the pitcher and can stay fresh in the fridge up to two weeks. (Though we’re willing to wager it won’t last more than a few days.) It’s so easy to use and lasts for ages. We’ve been using ours for about four years!

Aura Carver Luxe


Carver Luxe Digital Frame


Heading back to the office? Forget a single framed photo for his desk. The digital Aura frames are all that and then some. Paired with a free app, it sets up in minutes to instantly share photos and videos with far-flung loved ones anywhere in the world. It’s super simple to use and comes with unlimited storage and no added subscription fees, so dad can show off all his favorite shots with wild abandon. There are several styles to choose from but we’re especially fond of the clean and modern Carver Luxe which features built-in speakers for video as well!

eye cream for dad


Eye Stick 2.0


Dad’s been taking his fair share of those 3 am wake-ups, right? This cooling under-eye cream serum helps fight bags, dark circles and the impending wrinkles with powerful hyaluronic acid and snow mushroom (so he can stop sneaking yours.)

Atoms Model OOO


Model OOO


Keep him light on his feet and ready at a moment’s notice. The NYC-based (and HONY profiled) Atoms sneakers are engineered to not only offer the perfect fit right out of the box, but contour perfectly to your feet as you wear them. Made from a lightweight and flexible polyurethane-coated knit yarn and a cushy proprietary foam midsole, the true magic is in their revolutionary sizing structure. Since 60% of people do not have identically sized feet, Atoms offers their styles in quarter-size increments which can be mixed and matched. (How brilliant is that?!) Add an insole that features antimicrobial copper thread to keep them fresh and he may never go back to wearing anything else.

plush robe


Super-Plush Robe


If he’s not already a robe convert, fatherhood will make him one! The Super-Plush Robe from Brooklinen is made from 100% Turkish cotton that brings the spa vibes every time he wraps himself up—even if he’s still recovering from nighttime baby duty.

The Radiant Rhino Lavender Shower Steamers

The Radiant Rhino

Lavender Shower Steamers


He might not be a bath guy, but if he’s being honest with himself, indulging in a bit of self-care is a worthwhile endeavor. Enter the shower bomb. These delightful cubes from Radiant Rhino are packed with calming lavender and soothing menthol to transform his daily rinse into an aromatherapy-powered pamper session.

hudson wilder smoke short glass

Hudson Wilder

Aita Smoke Base Short Glasses- Set of Two


Wine, water, a healthy pour of his favorite bourbon—it all works in this gorgeous handblown short glass from Hudson Wilder. The borosilicate glass makes it more durable than traditional glasses and the shape? Well, it’s just plain sexy.

OluKai slippers


Moloa Slippers


With their soft shearling lining, premium nubuck leather exterior and signature drop-heel design, these might be the only slipper he’ll ever love again. As a bonus, no one would notice if he accidentally left the house in them. (Because that’s guaranteed to happen at least once.)

Nest Alexander Topper


Alexander Topper


If a new mattress isn’t in the budget, the Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam  mattress topper from Nest will breathe new life into the one you’re stuck with. At two inches thick, the cool plush layer makes even the most uncomfortable mattresses feel heaven, and hot sleepers rejoice! The cooling gel makes the entire bed feel like the cool side of the pillow. (And while neither of you are getting much sleep these days, how smart is it to gift him something you can also reap the benefits of? Clever one you are!)

Huhu Everyday Diaper Backpack 2.0


Everyday Diaper Backpack 2.0


He might think a diaper in his back pocket and a pack of wipes in the glove box is all he needs for outings with the mini. NOT SO. Help him be prepared and stylish with a diaper bag that’s all his own. The genderless diaper bag backpack from Huhu features a one-handed opening, moveable dividers and removable pouches, internal and external quick-access pockets, and wide cushy backpack straps to make carrying all the things as easy as can be. (Or peruse some of our other diaper bag for dad picks!)


the dad hoodie

The Dad Hoodie

The Dad Hoodie


Not convinced on the diaper bag front? That’s fine. Try the Dad Hoodie instead. It’s like what MacGyver would wear if he had to hotwire a car with a paperclip while also carting a tot around. Interior mesh pockets provide a place for everything without adding bulk or necessitating a bag that slows him down.

matador pocket blanket Motherly


Pocket Blanket 2.0


Speaking of being ready for anything, Matador’s pocket blanket is a total lifesaver. The water-repellent blanket folds to the size of a credit card so that he’ll always have a clean, dry place to sit and chill. (It’s even got guide lines to ensure you can refold it just right!) It’s big enough for 2-4 people, providing plenty of space for baby playtime at the park or unplanned stops along the way.


Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger


Sunday Performance Jogger


We’ve embraced the jogger and we’re never looking back. That said, no one wants to look like a schlub. The super popular Sunday Joggers from Vuori are the magical intersection of comfy and stylish with a relaxed fit that can go anywhere. (Or nowhere, because that’s how he’s rolling these days, right?)

Courant Catch 2


Catch 2


Plugging in allll the things takes effort. How about just tossing them on top of this instead? The Courant Catch 2 can juice up his iPhone and AirPods at the same time and let’s face it—looks way cooler than that tangle of cords he’s rocking. Make it even more special with a stylish monogram! Prices start at $90.

manta sleep mask


Sleep Mask


As a new mama, you might marvel at your partner’s ability to slumber peacefully while your adorable and oh-so-hungry bundle wails like a tornado siren. (And by “marvel” I mean “want to throttle.”) But if he’s putting in the work right alongside you and battling sleep deprivation too, the Manta Sleep Mask is about to become his new BFF. The super-soft and customizable construction provides 100% blackout powers without putting pressure on the eyes to optimize sleep no matter what time of day it is.

Lalabu Dad Shirt


Dad Shirt


Babywearing isn’t just for mamas. Spending time against dad’s chest is proven to increase bonding and benefit baby too! The innovative Lalabu Dad Shirt makes it easy to slip baby in and out without involving complicated straps or ties and provides papa and his little some quality time in those early weeks.

Tile Mate Essentials


Mate Essentials 4-Pack


They call it “mom brain” but we can share the diagnosis with him too. This handy 4-pack of Tiles will keep him from losing track of everything from his wallet to the remote.

vermont wagyu steak

Vermont Wagyu

Flat Iron Steak


As one of the country’s few full-blood Wagyu farms, chances are, he’s never had steak this good. Of course he’s got to cook it himself, but what brings him more joy than preparing the perfect steak? (Ok, I’m generalizing, but still.) Vermont Wagyu ships the finest quality steaks directly from their bucolic Vermont farm to anywhere in the US making the perfect date night at home just a few clicks away.

opove pro max massage gun


M3 Pro Max Massage Gun


He’s been putting in the WORK these days. Help relieve those tense muscles with the top-rated Opove M3 Pro Max Massage Gun. The percussive massage helps muscles recover faster and reduce pain, helping to improve blood flow, range of motion and muscle stiffness. Gift with one caveat—he has to take turns.

Spunky Stork Taco and Taquito Tees

Spunky Stork

Daddy & Me Tees


The acorn to his oak tree. The baby to his papa bear. The taquito to his taco. 😂  Whatever his interests, there’s a Daddy & Me T-shirt from Spunky Stork set to celebrate their father/kiddo bond.

Prices start at $15.

A version of this story was published May 31, 2021. It has been updated.