We started thinking about the perfect Father's Day gift earlier this week, but then, OMG, George Clooney became a dad and we totally lost our train of thought. Now that we're 3 days postpartum (well, Amal's postpartum), our head's back in the game. See what we came up with below, plus 4 other pieces of pregnancy and parenting news that you don't want to miss. Here's what your mom group is talking about this week.

1. The only thing cuter than dressing your son in a matching bathing suit to daddy is dressing your daughter in a matching bathing suit to daddy. This Rockets of Awesome x Bonobos collaboration is the perfect Father's Day gift.

2. Speaking of collabs, one of our fave Insta-mamas, Dikla Goren, just partnered with Mayarya for this adorable maternity and nursing dress.

3. Are you reading this at 2am when everyone else in your house is sleeping? This "Exhausted Mama" 7-day sleep challenge might help!

4. Another thing that might help with sleep, at least for your baby? Get him or her out of your room. According to a new study, babies sleep better in their own rooms after 4 months. Find out why.

5. And finally, NYC mamas, if you're looking to escape the heat and pick up some summer duds for your little ones, head to Monica + Andy's new shop on the Upper West Side, the brand's first location outside of its hometown Chicago.