From finding the perfect sandbox to investing in outdoor toys that will keep them busy longer than five minutes, mamas work hard to make the backyard AFAP (as fun as possible.) Another family favorite this summer? Giant lawn games.

If you're looking for some oversize fun the entire family can get in on, these jumbo yard games are sure to be a big (pun intended) hit at parties, BBQs and even regular Sunday afternoons. We've found giant versions of all your favorite classics like checkers and pick-up sticks and some new favorites like kickball darts that stand taller than the kiddos.

Shop our top giant lawn game picks below and infuse your backyard with a super-size dose of fun this summer!

Inflatable Kickball Dartboard


Ready, aim kick! At over 6 feet tall, this towering inflatable dartboard comes with four soccer balls that stick to the velcro target. Whether playing solo, in pairs, or even in teams, it's sure to become a summer favorite.




Inflatable Croquet Set


And because few things are more satisfying that kicking a ball, this inflatable croquet set is bound to be a hit. (Also because turning kids loose with mallets isn't exactly relaxing, we appreciate this alternative approach.) The wickets can be spaced out depending on skill level to reach the finish line flags.




Giant Inflatable Bowling


Roll, kick or punch this bowling ball across the lawn to knock the oversize pins flying. And don't worry about the setup. It comes with a hand pump to make life easy.




Giant Ring Toss


In the pool or on the grass, kids and adults alike will love testing their ring toss skills. And yes, they're basically just giant inner tubes, so it's two for the price of one.




Jumbo Pick Up Sticks


Good old fashioned fun—but make it jumbo-sized. Pick Up Sticks is a great way to teach focus, concentration and patience to kids (and adults) of all ages.




Giant Kerplunk



Pull the wrong stick and send the balls crashing! Instead of marbles, this oversize Kerplunk-inspired game uses ball pit balls and a plastic tower to challenge players. It's also a super easy game to DIY with some chicken wire, 2x4's and wooden dowels if you're feeling crafty.




Giant Wooden Stacking Game


Everyone's favorite stacking game moves off the coffee table and into the backyard! This giant wooden tower starts at 2.5-feet tall and can stack to over 5-feet (if you're skilled, that is) so, I don't know, maybe wear a helmet? If you want to make the challenge a little more exciting, it comes with a dry erase board to make your own party rules.






Even the ultimate game of strategy is more fun in jumbo size. MegaChess makes all kinds of oversize chess sets (which can get pretty pricey !) that can be set up indoors and out. This set comes with a quick fold nylon mat and durable UV-resistant hollow plastic pieces that even the youngest players can easily tote around the board.




Deluxe Giant Checkers


Not enough time or patience for chess? Try mega checkers instead! This 5x5 board comes with stakes to keep it from blowing away while you contemplate your next move.




Lawn Darts


All the fun of lawn darts without the danger of someone getting impaled. (Congrats on surviving the 80's, mama!) This set includes four weighted, rubbery "darts" and two glow-in-the-dark target rings to work on your aim.




Giant Connect 4


There's something about super-size Connect Four that makes it extra irresistible. The 3.5-foot tall game board with conveniently stacked pieces is perfect for BBQs and birthday parties—or just your regular afternoon duel.




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