Do you love athleisure and can often be found wearing your favorite workout gear to the coffee shop? You and me both, mama! But what do we do now that we are pregnant and our bump is starting to force us out of our regular workout clothes? While I have seen my fair share of women resorting to wearing their partner’s large t-shirts, there are so many cute maternity brands that can hug your form in such flattering ways and provide the support that you need for your pregnancy workouts. But you know what that means… Decisions, decisions. But wait… Before you go running to the store to gift yourself (and your bump) that perfect-looking workout outfit, you must know what to look for in prenatal exercise clothes.

Here are our 10 tips to finding the perfect, most supportive maternity activewear, whatever your pregnancy workout may be.

For outdoor exercises such as running and open air exercise classes:

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1. Get good, fitted shoes. Pregnancy wreaks havoc on your balance, and when you are moving around outside, the ground is much more likely to be uneven. Make sure to get fitted for a good running shoe that reflects your weight gain and possible increase in shoe size.

2. Layer up with moisture-wicking tops. Regardless of the outside temperature, you will heat up quicker during pregnancy and may have to shed layers when others are still fine. Invest in a good moisture-wicking top and a sweatshirt to stay warm in cold temps. Belabumbum makes moisture-wicking top is a great first layer to your workout outfit, and this Boob Design fleece sweater blocks the wind to keep you warm even when the temperatures are low.

3. Wear a supportive sports bra. Any outdoor sport that brings about “bounce” requires a good sports bra to keep you comfortable and your growing, possibly tender chest happy. You will most likely have to size up at least one cup, and make sure that you buy sports bras for moderate to maximum support, which you can then reuse postpartum. This seamless yoga nursing bra from Bravado is comfy, and you’ll be able to wear it well after pregnancy, as a breastfeeding mom. For high-impact activities, try this one from Hotmilk.

4. Favor shorts or long pants with a belly panel. You may never want to wear a different type of pant again. The panel can give mid-belly or full-belly coverage depending on the season and your comfort. Plus, these pants offer some stability and support for your growing bump and the change in your centre of gravity. These Hatch x Bandier leggings are exactly what you need: they hug your form, and the stretchy waistband cradles the bottom of your bump, which is great for support during pregnancy.

5. Put a band/belt on your belly. As you get bigger, you want to support the belly, especially if you continue to jog, hop or even power walk. Belly bands such as the Gabriella Maternity Support Belt are great to allow for those activities late into your third trimester.

For indoor exercises such as yoga, barre and pilates classes:

image 3441 MotherlyHATCH x Bandier

6. Wear a comfortable top. The last thing you want during pregnancy is a tight top or one that rides up and exposes your mid-section. Invest in some maternity pieces that are soft to the touch to feel good while you flow through your prenatal yoga or barre class. Since you’ll also be sweating more than usual during your indoor workouts, make sure to opt for a moisture-wicking alternative. This interlocking bra/tank top from Hatch x Bandier is great for low-impact, indoor activities.

7. Opt for pants that aren’t too loose or too short. In an indoor class you want to be able to move and go upside down without having to constantly adjust your clothing. So wear body hugging maternity wear, especially on the legs that isn’t too short or too wide so you feel supported and covered in all the right places. Fitbump’s maternity capris are a yoga fave.

8. Choose a color that won’t embarrass you. Since you are pregnant, there’s a chance that you will either sweat more along your private parts or have bladder-related emergencies. While it is not something women want to talk about, it is fairly common during and after pregnancy. So choose a neutral dark color that will conceal stains that can make you feel uncomfortable.

9. Wear socks with a grip. Though this is an optional suggestion, pregnancy may make you wobbly or worried about slipping. These socks will feel just light enough to do any class from yoga to barre (where they are required) and keep you safe when your balance is compromised. Try these Sweaty Betty socks with high grip and extra arch support.

10. Accessorize with a cute headband. Since you will never have to worry about going up a size up, get a cute headband. You can wear it to keep sweat out of your eyes and to feel extra pretty now that you have those extra luscious locks.

For more inspiration on what to wear, check out our fitness essentials like in this blogpost.

Let us know in the comments how you manage to stay fit during your pregnancy. Happy sweating, mamas.

Image courtesy of Fitbump.

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