Motherhood has a way of pulling you all in, to that point you sometimes forget to brush your teeth or (gasp) change your underwear. Sure, we know a dash of red lipstick or a swipe of mascara would make a big difference, but seriously, who has time to buy (or find!) it when you're in the thick of mom life. Sometimes you need a 5-second pick-me-up that's already in your diaper bag. Something you're probably using on the regular for breastfeeding your baby and didn't even know you could use in your beauty routine: Lansinoh Lanolin.

We know what you're thinking: nipple cream? Why on earth would I incorporate that into my beauty routine? It turns out that this breastfeeding must-have has actually been used as a moisturizing agent for centuries. And with a molecular structure that's similar to the oils naturally produced in our skin, it's become a main ingredient in tons of cosmetics.

Lansinoh Lanolin is something of a wonder product when it comes to your cosmetic bag. You can use it on to moisturize your lips; to soften your cuticles and your rough heels (who has time for a mani/pedi?); to smooth your brows into place and deep-condition them; and even to mix as a base into other makeup stables like lipstick or blush (that new mom “glow" is just a swipe away).

Lansinoh Lanolin is 100% natural, single ingredient, odorless and completely hypoallergenic. It's also non-comedogenic, so it won't clog your pores, and that makes it healthier for your skin than a vast majority of the beauty products out there….even if you DID have time to shop for them. Plus, now that Lansinoh makes Lanolin minis, it's the perfect size for tossing in your purse, makeup bag, or baby carrier zip pocket.

So next time you're stocking up on “breastfeeding" essentials, grab a tube of Lansinoh Lanolin to ease nipple soreness and one on the go for makeup tricks. Buy it here.

Photography by Ren'ee Kahn Bresler for Well Rounded.

*This post was sponsored by Lansinoh.