I just crossed over the one-year mark for breastfeeding, so be assured I've done my homework when it comes to finding the right bra while in the throes of nursing. Breastfeeding poses its own set of obstacles during the postpartum experience, but coming across a bra that supports this endeavor could be equally as challenging. A comfortable fit, the right hold, breathable fabrication, straps that detach (or easily detach if it's a non-nursing bra) while not being totally hideous is quite the accomplishment. That said, there are certainly a few styles that fit the bill both in the nursing bra and non-nursing bra genres. You just have to dig a little bit deeper to find them. Not to worry though, I'm here to support you - literally.

Here are 7 nursing and non-nursing bras to dress (and support) those beautiful breastfeeding boobs of yours.


Bravado Confetti bra is cute enough to peek out of a summery tank. This style is also comfortable and supportive enough for large breasts. $35.99. Buy it here.

Cake Cotton Candy bra is super supportive, sporty and comfortable. Plus, it comes in a plethora of color options. This bra is good for small and larger breasts. $59.90. Buy it here.

Never Say Never Mommie Nursing bra is must-have for your breastfeeding days. This Cosabella bralette is beautiful, comfortable and sexy all at once, and it's grolled into one, this Cosabella bralette is a must-have for your breastfeeding days. Good for small to moderately sized breasts. $84.50. Buy it here.

La Leche League strapless nursing bra is a total game changer. This strapless nursing bra allows you to explore silhouettes you never thought possible when nursing. Good for small to large breasts. $25. Buy it here.


Free People Love Letters Convertible bra is both supportive and pretty, and this non-nursing bra will help you feel sexy during this potentially not-so-sexy breastfeeding phase. Good for small to large breasts. $48. Buy it here.

Gap Super Soft bralette's goal is to be comfortable and sexy, and it achieves both seamlessly. Good for small to moderately sized breasts. $29.50. Buy it here.

Chantelle is lightweight, wirefree and with breathable fabric. This non-nursing bra will keep the girls in check while also providing support and staying comfortable. $70. Buy it here.