Hey, girls . I thought it was time for a little check-in. We've been going through some stuff lately (raising a toddler, gearing up for the arrival of a new baby), and it occured to me that I haven't taken the time to let you know how much I appreciate you.

If I'm honest, you rarely get the respect you deserve. Whether it's my internal criticism ("Another cup size wouldn't hurt…") or I'm bandaging you in uncomfortable bras or you're simply getting manhandled by my clingy toddler, you're owed a lot more love than you receive.

Because, true talk? Breasts are amazing.

Not only have you single-handedly kept my baby alive, but you're also capable of what can essentially be chalked up to superhuman powers . Don't believe me?

Let me count the ways...

1. You were my first indication that I was going to be a mom.🤰

When you're trying to get pregnant, you find yourself constantly googling things like "earliest signs of pregnancy" and "could I be pregnant if…"

For me, the very first sign that I had a baby growing inside me was your telltale soreness. When I got pregnant the second time, I could not have been more thrilled when the same symptom appeared, only to be confirmed by a pregnancy test a week or two later. But you already knew, didn't you?

2. You were the first place I cradled my newborn.

The benefits of breastfeeding aside, you were the first safe place my baby found to land after being born. When I pulled my child onto my chest, her body impossibly small and impossibly soft, our hearts met for the first time in the outside world, and everything in my life changed forever.

As I cradled her against you during that incredible "golden hour," I swear I could have stayed there forever. And that was before I even knew all of the incredible benefits of that uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact, including releasing the needed hormones to help my own body recover from labor and delivery. It's why I spent so much time postpartum pampering you, whether it was with ultra-soft nursing pads ( these were life-savers! ) or a gentle, organic nipple balm that provided much-needed TLC to my new mom nipples.

3. Breast milk is basically magic. ✨

No, seriously. Scientists aren't even sure how you do the things you do, but you are capable of manufacturing milk specifically tailored to my child's needs—even customizing for a baby's sex and age . I need to set calendar reminders in my phone to remember to swap out my daughter's closet for clothing the next size up, so color me impressed.

4. Nursing at night helps my baby sleep better—and me sleep better too. 😴

It would have been impressive enough that when you produce milk at night, it naturally adjusts to contain more melatonin and tryptophan to help baby's brain naturally stay in a sleepy state. But of course you go above and beyond, triggering a release of oxytocin in my brain to help me get more quality rest (when that needy little newborn actually lets me get some shut-eye). Thanks for looking out.

5. You help keep my babies healthier.

Not only do breastfed babies tend to have lower rates of asthma and allergies , but the complex sugars in it also help little ones fight off infection and bad bacteria . In fact, studies have shown that backwash from a baby's mouth triggers the release of certain antibodies that can help the baby fight off whatever ailments he or she is currently battling—meaning you are essentially a pair of super-genius pharmacies. Let's see another part of my body do that.

6. You know what my baby needs even before I do.

Sure, I was a little weirded out when my areolas started to darken early in my first pregnancy, but I should have known that even this seemingly random phenomenon served a greater purpose. Because, unbeknownst to me, you were preparing my body for the baby's arrival because baby's only see contrast in their first few days—and now it was much easier for her to find her target. Thanks for being so ahead of the curve.

7. You can help protect my child from obesity for years to come.

Again, you've even stumped science on this one, but recent studies have shown that breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of a baby's life can significantly reduce his chance of developing childhood obesity even years later. Researchers may not be sure how you do it, but I am: You're magic .

8. You make me feel sexy. 🔥

Promise I'm not about to belt out some Aretha, but the fact is, you definitely give my confidence a boost on the days I need it. Though it took me years to fully appreciate my curves, I now see you for the incredible parts of me you are.

Because no matter what shape I've been pre-pregnancy, during those nine months, or postpartum, my curves are what make me feel womanly and like I got it going on . (And, for the record, my husband doesn't disagree. So good work, ladies!) Plus, let's be real—you're a big part of what got me pregnant in the first place. 😉

9. ...and you make me feel my most maternal.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you are still the place my kids love to to snuggle when they need a little extra comfort. You make me feel like the safe place, the shelter they need when the world (or just tackling a new milestone) is too hard to face alone.

No matter how big my babies get, you are the place they want to rest their head when they need a little more love. I will always be grateful to you for that, and it's a big part of why I love when I find products that show you the same love you put out—like these therapy pillows that soothed you when we nursed and helped you recover when our babies started to wean.

10. Quite simply, I can't imagine me without you.

Literally and figuratively, you are a part of who I am. You make me feel powerful, for what you can do and how you can make me feel. Motherhood has been a transformative journey that has given me so much more appreciation for every part of my body, present company certainly not excluded. So in case I forget to say it every day, thank you for everything. ❤️

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