Cartoons are a specific comfort food for a lot of people. If you’re a millennial still weaving your way through adulthood, you’ll probably agree that any reminder of a time with fewer responsibilities is welcome these days. Luckily, animated series for adults have been big for a while now, and some of them are really hitting on the fantasy and nostalgia elements in the best way possible.

If you want to relax your brain and feel good, we’ve got you covered. Oh, and unlike some of the other adult cartoons out there, these shows are wholesome enough for the kiddos too!

    1. Over the Garden Wall. If you’re into lore, storybook imagery and old Americana, prepare to fall in love. This 10-part miniseries is sweet and exciting: two brothers stumble into an old-timey world in the woods reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century Halloween card. Things aren’t always what they seem, so it’ll keep you hooked. Streaming on HBO Max.
    2. Adventure Time. The iconic 10-season series set in the Land of Ooo is a rainbow-y feast for the eyes. Some episodes are light and fluffy while others take emotional dives into the characters’ backstories. Due to the “mild weapon use and gateway language,” you should use your discretion when deeming it age-appropriate for your kids. Streaming on Cartoon Network.
    3. Gravity Falls. Mythical creatures and mysteries galore! While some cartoons have standalone episodes, this one gets you deeper into its world with each watch. Some fans have drawn comparisons to the cult drama Twin Peaks and have even spotted a cool direct reference. Streaming on Disney+.
    4. Steven Universe. Celebrated for its LGBTQ+ representation, this fan-favorite was created by Rebecca Sugar, a former storyboard artist and writer on Adventure Time. It’s garnished with moving songs and deals with hard-hitting issues like “trauma, grief, toxic relationships, consent, empathy and more.” Streaming on Cartoon Network.
    5. Bob’s Burgers. Follow the (mis)adventures of a family of five running a burger joint below their home. Unlike some other cartoon families, the Belchers present a more realistic dynamic and always have each other’s back in the end. A casual watch with some crude humor and language, but overall silly and lighthearted. Streaming on Fox Now.