There’s a lot of work that happens behind the scenes at Motherly–and an incredible team who brings Motherly’s magic to life each day. ✨

Our remote team comes from all over the country so while we stay in touch with video calls and messages, we try to gather for a Team Summit in person once a year. Of course with Covid, it’s been a while! A couple weeks ago we were in Park City, Utah to connect and in many cases, meet for the first time IRL.

As Motherly’s Commerce Editor, I was tasked with curating a welcome bag filled with some of my fall travel favorites. I wanted to help everyone recharge from travel and fuel our team through high altitude hikes, super hard pilates classes and lots of social time. Since introducing people to fabulous brands and products is not only my job, but something I just genuinely love, it was a real honor to share these with #TeamMotherly. Check them out for yourself and maybe add a few to cart to make your fall travels and adventures a little easier!

State Bags Wellington Cabana Tote



Wellington Cabana Tote

The generously sized and completely spill-proof Wellington Cabana Tote from STATE has already proven to be the perfect tote for everything from beach days (we’ve got some Californians on Team Motherly!) and swim lessons to Trader Joe’s runs. The tethered but removable pouch is perfect for essentials that you may want to grab and go and the clear design keeps everything else easy to find.

Rifle Paper Co. Stitched Notebook Set

Rifle Paper Co.


Stitched Notebook Set

Raise your hand if you can’t resist a gorgeous notebook.🙋‍♀️ Whether you use it to store your innermost thoughts or simply jot down a to-do list, these simple stitched notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. instantly brighten up your desk or nightstand. We may all spend hours and hours typing, but analog will always have our hearts.

Ursa Major Mountain Glow Serum

Ursa Major


Mountain Glow Serum

Given the fact many folks on Team Motherly share my passion for skincare, I was so excited to introduce them to my current obsession–Ursa Major’s Mountain Glow serum. I believe it’s safe to say it’s now theirs as well. From the delightful organic scent to the dewy goodness it bestows upon you, it was love at first application for everyone. And it’s no surprise! It’s a total powerhouse that’s packed with 44 clean active ingredients you’ve probably never even heard of. The expertly crafted formula includes Star-Tipped Lichen, Honey Locust Seed and Golden Aspen Bark to smooth away those fine lines, gently exfoliate and nourish skin day or night–a must as the temps drop and dry skin becomes Enemy No. 1. The cream to oil consistency is easily absorbed and can even help restore and repair your skin barrier. The result? A truly glowing complexion that is bound to get you more than a few compliments.

I think this Slack message from Motherly’s Editorial Operations Coordinator sums it up:

“That serum!!!! Even my husband was like…are you glowing?”


Wiley Body Super Balm

Wiley Body


Super Balm

What mom doesn’t love a good old fashioned multitasker? With prime chapping weather on the way, this do-all-the-things Super Balm should be within reach at all times. The convenient stick is packed with nourishing and healing ingredients like shea butter, calendula and rosemary extract to help soothe and repair everything from chapped lips to cracked knuckles. It’s also gentle enough to use on baby’s tender skin!

Cozy Earth Bamboo Scrunchies

Cozy Earth


Bamboo Scrunchies

Maybe it’s the 90s girl in me, but I love a good scrunchie. They’re gentler on my baby fine hair than hair ties and way easier to keep track of. Luckily, our team was treated to this fabulously versatile pack from bamboo experts Cozy Earth which came in clutch for some windy hikes and epic pilates classes. (And maybe even a late night hotel room karaoke party, but you didn’t hear that from me.) They’re supremely soft which keeps them from creating that dreaded ponytail bump and even safe enough on strands to sleep in. And the included pouch is perfect for storing them or stashing jewelry for our next trips!

DripDrop Packets



Drink Packets

Between travel and altitude adjustment, everyone needed an extra boost to get going in Park City. Enter DripDrops. The super portable formula is made from a patented mix of electrolytes and glucose (along with immune-system boosting ingredients like magnesium, zinc and Vitamin C) and works fast to combat dehydration. And maybe I’m projecting, but do any of us really drink enough water? Probably not. They’ve also got half the sugar of regular sports drinks and taste just as good. (Pro-tip: They’re also clutch if those nights of drinking hit harder than they used to.😉)

Yeti Rambler Water Bottle



Rambler Water Bottle

What better way to tote around stellar hydration than in a Yeti? They keep water icy cold for hours, never leak and are so simple to clean. We’re big fans of the Chug Cap design which delivers a satisfying swig without splashing water all over and an easy grab handle that’s perfect for toting around. Who’s ready for some fall hiking? (PS. They also keep mulled cider hot all afternoon in case that’s more your seasonal style.)

Curie Deodorant



Clean Deodorant

I’ve tried enough clean deodorant to know they are not all created equal. At best some do absolutely nothing. (Apologies to my fellow pilates classmates.) At worst, they can cause painful and itchy rashes that look like you rubbed your pits with poison ivy. (Just me?) But the very best do their job and do it well. One of my favorites that checks all the boxes? Curie. Their natural formulas are crafted with sage oil, triethyl citrate and baking soda but work better than any drugstore stick I’ve ever used. The scents are subtle but sophisticated and so good they also use them for candles and moisturizers.

By Rosie Jane Angie Travel Spray

By Rosie Jane


Angie Travel Spray

Scent is one of my deepest passions, so I always love sharing a favorite. The simple-but-sophisticated clean fragrances from By Rosie Jane are not only personal go-tos–they also seem to please everyone who smells or wears or them. I swear Madie smells like the Jersey Shore in the best way possible. Crowd-pleaser Angie is fresh and floral with notes of fig, honeysuckle and jasmine. And their best-seller, Leila Lou may be some of team Motherly’s new signature scent. (Since we’re a totally remote team, we can all claim it!) In fact, one team member told me she’s already gone home and bought a full discovery set because Leila Lou is so good she needs them all in her life. Packaging-wise, the slim bottle is perfect travel or even just slipping into your purse for when you need a little pick-me-up.

Loop Quiet Earplugs



Quiet Earplugs

Sometimes parenting can be a bit oh, let’s say…overstimulating. Finding enough peace and quiet to wind down, fall asleep and stay asleep can be a real challenge. Consider the Quiet Earplugs from Loop the mom hack you need to survive and thrive. The silicone earplugs are perfect for dampening the noise you don’t want to hear (like barking dogs at 2 am) but letting in the noise you need to hear (like crying babes at 2 am). They’re also a complete must-have for 20 hours of overnight flights, delayed take offs and grabbing a cat nap to catch up on all the sleep you didn’t get when you were supposed to–but enough about me. The signature design is super comfy and each package includes four ear tips to get just the right fit. And since they lay flat inside your ear they stay put while you sleep, too!

Minor Figures Oat Milk Specialty Brews

Minor Figures


Oat Milk Specialty Brews

My toxic trait is judging a drink by its packaging. It’s how I choose new wine (sometimes a fail), it’s what taught me that I actually like some kombucha and most recently it guided me toward Minor Figures Oat Milk Specialty Brews. Turns out, the insides are as delicious as the outside is attractive. The matcha latte was a lifesaver when the hotel coffee was a fail–it’s not overly sweet and just punchy enough in the caffeine department. They come in a variety of carefully brewed flavors, all dairy-free and ready to pop as you dash out the door to join the drop off line. Price is for a pack of 12.

Aloha Pumpkin Spice Protein Bar



Pumpkin Spice Protein Bar

Perhaps the pumpkin-spicing of all things has gotten a little out of hand, but there’s a good reason for it. Pumpkin spice is delicious. So it goes without saying we were instant fans of the seasonal protein bars from Aloha. (Thankfully, we packed them for our hike to Blood Lake because we needed some sustenance. Altitude changes are no joke!) Like all their low sugar, high protein bars it’s tasty without that crumbly, chalky vitamin consistency that some brands have. And instead of sitting in your belly like a brick, it actually digests and fuels you for whatever lies ahead. The pumpkin spice is only around long enough for your fall adventures, so get them while the getting’s good! Price is for a pack of 12.

Check out our video of some of the highlights of the trip!