Name: Heather S.

Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Occupation: Attorney, Mom, Owner, Cudlee Jack (Coming Soon!)

Number Pregnancy: Second

How would you describe your pregnant style?

I spend most days running around after my 2-year-old son Jack, so my pregnancy style is comfortable and functional. I like to wear a lot of skinny maternity jeans and t-shirts. I usually choose form-fitting shirts because I want people to realize I'm pregnant and not just bloated from having too much beer. I also love a good cardigan to break things up, since cardigans cover some of my new width.

Have you had any challenges learning to dress your pregnant body?

One challenge has been the change of seasons. In this pregnancy, my bump got big earlier, a common occurrence for second pregnancies, so I moved to maternity clothes earlier. I've had to find maternity clothes for summer, fall, and now I'm looking at winter. Hand-me-downs have been very helpful! Another challenge (or perhaps, surprise) has been sizing. At first I thought I'd be wearing size small in maternity clothes but that was only for the first and second trimester. Ever since my sixth month, I happily put on a size large maternity dress, although thankfully some of the smalls still fit.

So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy?

I had a rude awakening discovering that discomfort can come a lot earlier in second pregnancies. I thought that my second pregnancy would be physically easier but it's actually been significantly more difficult. I called my doctor concerned because of all of the pain I was feeling in my lower abdomen and legs, and he said it was just my body adjusting to all of the extra weight earlier, and that I was feeling at 24 weeks what I had felt at 36 weeks in my first pregnancy. Fortunately having a toddler keeps me running around and distracted so I don't usually notice the pain until nighttime after my 2-year-old is asleep.

What’s been your favorite pregnancy piece or brand to show off your bump?

My favorite piece has been my maternity coat by Motherhood Maternity that my friend Melissa gave to me. It's cute and stylish. It's roomy for the bump but does not look like it's meant only for maternity. I also love my Top Shop Maternity pieces from my first pregnancy.

What NYC experience are you most looking forward to sharing with your baby?

This second baby is a girl, whereas my older baby is a boy, so I'm looking forward to doing more girly things with her. My cousin took her daughter to American Girl Place for a tea party for one of her birthdays. The tea party room is decorated with pink polka dots and ruffles. I think that would be a fun New York City adventure to have with my daughter sometime. I'll also definitely take her to the Eloise shop at the Plaza, and of course FAO Schwartz! We'll also repeat all the adventures I've loved with my son Jack: visits to the Central Park Zoo, ferry rides to Dumbo, and trips to the Guggenheim. The ramp architecture at the Guggenheim is so much fun for little ones.

Photography by Evan Gubernick of 485 Creative.

Shoot Location: Videology