It’s hard to put into words what it feels like the first time you have to put real clothes on after having a baby. Well, actually the word (sound?) ‘ughhhhhh’ comes to mind.

For me, my postpartum uniform was a progression: first, it was pajamas for those first few days post-baby, then I graduated to sweatpants and t-shirts and then eventually my super fancy yoga pants and my collection of “nice” t-shirts.

But then the inevitable real clothes day came. My robe had to quietly retreat back into the closet and my sweatshirt had to (finally) go down to the washer—I couldn’t really be seen in either of those options outside of my home.

I mean, I didn’t need a ball gown or anything, but I definitely at least needed jeans.

I had heard marvelous, magical things about American Eagle’s super high-waisted jeans from my younger, cooler sister so I had ordered a pair of those in preparation for this very moment.

best postpartum jeans american eagle 0

As it turns out, my American Eagle jeans exceeded all my expectations. Simply put: they were everything I knew I needed but wasn’t sure I was going to get from anyone. My super high-waisted jeans sit about an inch, inch and a half above my belly button which means they hold in all my extra-ness and are somehow still comfortable. (For real.) Did we mention they come in tons of washes and fits?

They are skinny jeans with significant stretch meaning they are made of actual denim, not just cotton pretend jean fabric. I love that about them. Somehow it makes me feel like a real human on those days I really need it.

PLUS, they actually make me feel really good about myself. At a time in my life and my body-acceptance journey where I have had to focus on practicing grace, understanding and most of all, self-kindness—I really appreciate being able to put on certain pieces from my wardrobe that I know will make me feel confident.

High-waisted jeans FTW. 🙌 Get yours here .

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