Although pregnancy only lasts 40 weeks (give or take), when it comes to dressing the bump, it can feel like the longest nine months of your life. While we know we should resist overhauling our entire wardrobe for this temporary condition, sometimes it takes a little retail therapy to remind us that our new curves are not just bountiful but also beautiful. And while a maternity staple or two might be unavoidable, for the most part, we want that retail therapy to happen at our go-to shopping spots from pre-pregnancy.

Now after discovering Material Wrld, we can feel good about that wardrobe overhaul, even if it’s just for nine months. Created by Jie Zheng and Rie Yano, Material Wrld lets you refresh your closet without the hassle of consigning, thrifting or ebay listings. Just gather up a few of your designer duds that are no longer in heavy rotation (admit it, with a baby on the way, that skintight Dolce & Gabbana number may get better use elsewhere), mail them in for free, and get a gift card to Saks, Shopbop or Bloomingdales to buy something brand new.

And the best part is that after you’ve rocked your brand new thing, you can head back over to Material Wrld and do it all over again. Ahh, the cycle of life. "Material Wrld is the perfect closet refresh service for busy moms and moms to be who love designer fashion,” said Zheng. “We make it extra easy so you have more time to enjoy the best moments in life with your family.”

Material Wrld is making it even easier for readers to overhaul their closets with additional credits for trade-ins. If you sign up with code "WRNY1," they’ll give you $25 when you earn $100 in trade-ins, $50 when you earn $250 and $75 when you earn $400 and up.

If that’s not an incentive to clean out your closet, well lady, we don’t know what is. Need more? How about if you sign up now, then buy some new stuff, and trade it in later? The code’s good till September 30 and the company adds new accepted brands monthly. Handbags are coming too! Yup, we’re pretty sure Material Wrld is about to become your lifelong friend.

In case you need some shopping ideas, we’ve gone ahead and picked some of the best pregnancy-friendly contemporary looks for summer, and a few of our favorite accessories too. And all the clothes are totally trade-in-able at Material Wrld after you’ve given them a whirl. So shop away, mama-to-be – you’ve got nine months and a lot of overhauling to do -- and then head on over to Material Wrld to see what your investment pieces will be worth when you’re ready to retire them and get started on that teeny tiny wardrobe for a teeny tiny someone else.