When it comes to buying gifts for toddlers, there are two ways it can usually go. 1: indescribable elation, because, you know, toddlers love gifts. 2: massive meltdown, because toddlers also love to have massive meltdowns. To help ensure your toddler gift giving goes the first way and not the second, we've rounded up some of the best gifts for toddlers this holiday season. Here's what made the Well Rounded Toddler Gift Guide for 2016.

1. OMY Coloring Backpack. The only thing more fun than coloring when you're a toddler is coloring on something you're not supposed to color on. Like your walls, or couch, or bag. This fun coloring OMY backpack will make your toddler feel naughty and creative all at once. $24, buy here.

2. Loog Electric Guitar. When it comes to musical instruments for toddlers, there's either stuff that basically plays itself (leaving no room for creativity), or blocks of wood carved into the shape of a musical instruments (leaving your toddler puzzled). This Loog Electric Guitar sits somewhere in between, since it's actually a real guitar, albeit in pint-size. $199, buy here.

3. Curated Care* Handmade Holidays Package. Give mom, dad, grandma or grandpa a handmade gift package created by your little one...and give yourself a break! Curated Care's creative caregivers (aka babysitters) will give your little one a hand in creating two adorable holiday gift packages -- a Terrarium and a snowflake ornament. The children hand make cards and the wrapping paper then wrap each present leaving your family with two beautiful holiday packages to proudly give to friends and family! $75, buy here.

4. Cabbages & Kings Leg/Arm Warmers. Having a hard time getting your toddler to keep on his mittens? How about his jacket? The struggle is real, mom. These hand-knit, hypoallergenic alpaca leg/arm warmers are fun and easy for your toddler to pull on, and will keep all those extremities cozy on those days you just can't take the winter coat tantrum. $49, buy here.

5. Maya Angelou Little People, Big Dreams Book. Show your little one he or she can do anything, and make bedtime a little more tolerable with a book you can both get behind. These inspiring biographies are a great introduction to some pretty outstanding women, from designers to scientists to poets & activists like Maya Angelou. $14.99, buy here.

6. Nook Pebble Lounger. This cuddly, cozy chair is just the right size for the little person in your life. Nook's lounger has a cushy foam core, 100% organic (and waterproof!) pebble fabric, and NanoSphere® technology to make it resistant to stains. Yes, you can sit in it when your toddler is at school. We won't tell anyone. $220, buy here.

7. Pipsticks Sticker Subscription. Sometimes it's the teeny, tiniest things that can make a toddler swoon. Especially if they come with a sticky back. Don't relegate your sticker purchases to an impulse buy at the pharmacy. Pipsticks offers a monthly sticker subscription, like this one, so you can never, ever be without. Kids Club Classic Subscription, $14.95/month, buy here.

8. Sumberkins Silent Night Bundle. You'll win over your toddler double-time with this collaboration between the folks at Plain Jane and Slumberkins. This limited edition box comes with a comfy toddler-size Plain Jane dress and an adorable Lumi Slumber Sloth, the perfect bedtime combo of the sweetest (they're all sweet when they're sleeping!) little girl you know. $60, buy here.

9. Tegu Blocks Tumtum Set. If you've got a burgeoning builder in your life, Tegu's magnetic blocks are a must. This silly monster set (they're twins!), comes with all the pieces your toddler needs to create some imaginary friends, but can also be arranged and re-arranged to make whatever their little toddler heart desires. $85, buy here.

*Thank you to our sponsor Curated Care for supporting our Well Rounded gift guide.


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