One of the best—or worst—parts of the holiday season is taking our littles to get their pictures with Santa Claus. Regardless of their age, some kids relish in those few minutes of telling Santa Claus exactly what they want under their tree and become pals with him, while others are terrified and hate every second of it (we have the escape proof below). Either way, it usually makes for some adorable (or really funny) photos to look back on over the years.

So we asked #TeamMotherly to share their best Santa pics. With nearly 700 responses, it was hard to pare down our favorites. Here are some that we adored.

1. Pure happiness

—Aimee R.

2. A magical look

—Jen L.

3. Everyone is a bit unsure...

—Holly H.

4. The cutest elves

—Julia V.

5. A sweet encounter

—Rosanne S.

6. A little bit of drama

—Besty P.

7. Santa cuddles each year, please

—Chelsey S.

8. Mama said she cried after she took a good look at him 😂

—Chantille B.

9. Third time isn't always the charm

—Gina M.

10. Playing in the snow

—Liz T.

11. SO much excitement

—Ieena S.

12. Nope

—Melissa H.

13. She definitely made the 'nice' list

—Janesa N.

14. Mama, no!

—Jenny S.

15. One mama's heart grew by three sizes this year

—Melanie R.

16. Two loved this, two hated it

—Rose E.

17. This baby was happier than Santa

—Angelica A.

18. A precious encounter

—Stacy B.

19. "I'm only here for the cookie." 🍪

—Laura R.

20. Two Santas are better than one

—Menakshi S.

21. Trying to escape

—Angie P.

22. Nap time, anyone?

—Janine T.

23. He's definitely ready for Christmas morning

—Jessica G.

24. Just telling Santa their entire wish list

—Alicia B.

25. Smiles all around

—Victoria E.