55 earthy, boho baby names for your free spirit

These uncommon, hippie-inspired names are perfect for a flower child!

Boho baby names
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Boho-inspired baby names are earthy, eccentric, and a little bit wild, which is why we love and adore every single one of them. We guarantee none of your child's future friends will have the same name as them, and if they do, then you know their parent must have awesome taste, just like you!

Curated baby name lists are great for a million reasons, especially when you have a specific theme or idea in mind, such as nature, popular TV shows and characters, or even celebrity baby names (this year's celeb mamas are picking some pretty rad names!). However, we totally understand if you want something extremely unique that no other baby may be named this year, or maybe a name you or your partner haven't even heard of!

Explore our lengthy list of over 50 boho-inspired baby names below—we have a feeling you'll have a hard time falling in love with only one.

    1. Alchemy
    2. Arlo
    3. Bea
    4. Bear
    5. Birdie
    6. Clyde
    7. Coriander
    8. Cove
    9. Cub
    10. Deja
    11. Dex
    12. Echo
    13. Ezra
    14. Frida
    15. Goldie
    16. Grover
    17. Gyspy
    18. Huck
    19. Hurly
    20. Imogen
    21. Indigo
    22. Indy
    23. Iris
    24. Juniper
    25. Knox
    26. Lark
    27. Leopold
    28. Linus
    29. Lotus
    30. Lox
    31. Meadow
    32. Mirabelle
    33. Neptune
    34. Nirvana
    35. Nyx
    36. Ophelia
    37. Orion
    38. Otto
    39. Pluto
    40. Poe
    41. Redmond
    42. Remy
    43. Ria
    44. River
    45. Shiloh
    46. Silas
    47. Sonny
    48. Soren
    49. Sparrow
    50. Waverly
    51. Wilder
    52. Wren
    53. Xander
    54. Zara
    55. Zilda

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