Dear husband,

I will never forget the night we met. You were the epitome of tall, dark and handsome.

I remember how natural our conversation was and staring at you in a daze as you told me about your kids, your faith, and what you were looking for in a wife. I thought everything about you was sexy. Your voice, your eyes, your beard and the way you resembled the Irish guy from P.S. I love You (I mean seriously, gah). I clearly remember kicking your butt in air hockey and (almost) basketball and feeling drawn toward your sense of adventure.

I had always wanted to be with a man who could make me feel safe and secure, and your tall stature alone did that for me. As cheesy as it sounds, I just “knew” you were the man for me—so much that I creepily called my sisters after our first date and gushed over the details of my future husband.

I think back to that day, and I smile because I still think all of those things, but what I find sexy about you now is so much more.

I still love when you get dressed up for a date night, but I also think you’re sexy with ketchup stains on your shirt. It reminds me that even through our imperfections, we are still perfect for each other.

I love listening to you talk about our children—seeing how proud of a dad you are and how much you think about them. And I love catching the moments you spend with them, reading books in bed and checking for monsters. There is something about you, a man that is 6’4 and 240lbs, trying to get down underneath a trundle bed just to prove the kids are safe, that is so endearing.

You may not know it, but there are so many moments that I find myself staring and thinking, “He is so sexy and I am so lucky”.

Those moments when you’re vulnerable with me and you let me in on your deepest emotions.

When you do all the dishes, even though I know you hate the dishes.

The nights you rub my feet because you know I’ve had a long day and your fear of feet is put to the side to give me a few moments of relaxation.

When you bring me water in bed or when I ask you to turn off the light because you are closer and I know you REALLY don’t want to, but you do anyway…yep even that is sexy.

When we first met, these were not the things I envisioned would make me fall in love with you, but they are the things that continually deepen my love for you.

Our sense of adventure has changed. I mean even Costco runs feel like a bit of an adventure these days and our date nights are few and far between. But it is the everyday moments that I am watching you and I am in awe that you are mine and that we get to do this life together.

It is the little things I learn about you and the ways you surprise me each day that keep me intrigued even when life feels mundane.

Babe, where we are now vs. when we first met couldn’t be more different, but I am so thankful for that because the way I look at you now has so much meaning behind it. We’ve been through a lot and despite it all I still find you so sexy and I love you so very much.


Your wife