We’re doing a big happy dance this morning: Ellen DeGeneres’ Buy Buy Baby collection of baby items is here and it’s just the blend of design + fun we’ve come to expect from the hilarious talk show host.

“Babies love to be swaddled and should always be surrounded by love and kindness,” DeGeneres said in a press release. “I created my baby collection with that thought in mind. Each piece has a message of love and the line is filled with whimsical and fun pieces. I don’t have a baby but I love to be swaddled and you will too!”

The 130-item ED Ellen DeGeneres baby collection has everything from swaddles and baby shoes to a full set of nursery furniture. And from what we’ve seen so far, the designs echo the aesthetic seen in Ellen’s previous forays into adult fashion and footwear.

Besides, we could have guessed the 59-year-old TV star’s whimsical personal style translates well to baby gear—because aren’t whimsy and fun what we all want for our little ones?

The collection offers a lot of price points, so even if you’re not looking to spend hundreds of dollars on a crib engraved with woodland animals (so cute!), a pair of Ellen-approved socks might be the perfect fit for your little one’s feet and your budget.

Ellen’s site mentions a stoller design, but unlike the rest of the gear, the stroller doesn’t seem to be available just yet. We can’t wait to see how her designs translate to travel gear!

The pieces that are already available each have a unique personality—but are all tied together in the collected with largely neutral colors and an overarching theme of love.

Here are some of our favorites from the debut ED Ellen DeGeneres Baby collection…

1. Dog Icon Shoe, $29.99

2. Doodle Dog Ceiling Mobile, $49.99

3. 2-Pack Cotton Tail Swaddles, $27.99

4. Forest Animal Chifferobe in Natural Grey, $899.99

5. Velour Made with Love Footie, $19.99

6. Doodle Dog Wooden Doghouse Shelf, $39.99

7. 2-Pack Iconic Bandana Bib, $11.99

8. Durby Diaper Backpack, $177.99

We especially love how many of the items are gender neutral. After all, if you have something designed by Ellen, you’ll probably want to use it for more than one baby!

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