As any mom of a child over one can tell you, that first year brings growth like you've never witnessed before. And while a website can't exactly love you back, it does have other advantages. Like the fact that it doesn't spit up on you. And that it doesn't have diaper blowouts. Yet, it does still keep you up at night with this or that, and you tend to care obsessively about it. You want to give it your all, to make it the best it can possibly be. So here we are, one year from the day we launched. We still feel like babies, yet believe we've added something special to the pregnancy and parenting market that wasn't there before. We’re so greatful that you, our readers, keep coming back. And we’re thankful you’re sharing Well Rounded NY with others. You have assured us that there is a need for our little website, which is growing bigger and bigger every month. And we’re totally indebted to our (also growing) community of talented contributors. We look forward to seeing what Year Two brings for Well Rounded NY. And we’re excited to grow with your family as well, which is why starting next week, we will begin bringing you Toddler Tuesdays twice a month! We want to keep hearing from you. Tell us what you love, what you don't love, and what you want to start seeing more of. And because you might also be thinking about a first birthday of your own for your little one, here's some party theme gawking to keep you busy. Donut Party If you're holding off on giving your little one sweets until his or her first birthday, why not give her the ultimate treat and celebrate with donuts! Just don't be surprised if todays she also learns the word "more!" Hot Air Balloon There might be nothing cuter than a baby in a basket. Except a baby in a basket with a balloon attached to it. This photo backdrop alone makes the party. Dinosaur Party These dinosaurs might come pretty close though. Picnic Party This picnic theme is perfect for warmer days ahead. Taco Party But nothing quite says summer like margaritas...we mean... tacos? Either way, you can't tell us this party isn't somewhere you want to be. Owl Party This cake is more proof that one bold centerpiece can really make a party. Now let's all go have some cake! Gorgeous main image source.