Katie Sturino is on a mission. The digital influencer is leading the body acceptance movement on her website, The 12ish Style, her popular Instagram account and through her personal care brand, Megababe. And now she can add author to the list, too.

Body Talk: How to Embrace Your Body and Start Living Your Best Life is out today, and within its colorful pages and the vibrant illustrations and positive affirmations displayed throughout the book, you’ll find an earnest message to women: your body is not the problem, and you are inherently worthy of love. Let those words sink in for a minute.

The powerful statements are felt on each page, as Sturino shares about her upbringing and how her relationship with her body has changed over the years. With introspective reflections and actionable takeaways, Body Talk gives space for the reader to consider their own experience and encouragement to release themselves from all the time spent thinking negatively about their body.

By engaging readers in their own body acceptance journey, Sturino hopes that Body Talk is able to “help right the ship toward societal body acceptance so future generations of women can be free from damaging body BS.”

I spoke with Katie recently about Body Talk, my love for Megababe’s Thigh Rescue anti-chafing stick, the media’s fascination with celebrity moms “bouncing back” after baby (and how that affects the rest of us) and how moms, by no fault of their own, can bring their own body issues into their relationships with their kids. Click below to watch our conversation.

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Katie, discovering we both got called the same term as kids, and learning how strongly she feels about the media’s harmful obsession with covering celebrity moms who seemingly lose weight overnight after having a child. We also discussed the #MakeMySize movement she began on Instagram, which encourages brands to extend their sizes to accommodate everyone.

Lots of empowering goodness in here, mamas; enjoy!

“Katie Sturino Interview”