Katy Perry is getting real about her pregnancy journey.

On a recent episode of Australia’s Kylie and Jackie O radio show, Perry joined virtually to share so much about her pregnancy, including the fact that she is grateful for her body.

“I’m really grateful for my body and I have so much respect for women,” Perry said. “Going through this process you get a whole new viewpoint.”

It’s a viewpoint she’s also been sharing on Instagram, where she recently captioned a selfie” “Never too pregnant for a crop [top]”.

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She’s nicknamed the baby “Kicky Perry,” and the pop star had no shame in sharing the honest truth about her ever-changing pregnant body.

“Everything is swollen,” Perry exclaimed. “My hands are swollen, my feet are starting to swell, it’s starting to get to that point.”

Expecting to welcome her child with husband Orlando Bloom sometime this month, Perry explained how she has no plans on slowing down.

“I’m a very active woman. During this time of COVID, I have been also putting out songs and planning on putting out a record August 14th,” Perry said. “I’m working really hard. The one blessing is that I don’t have to travel. I like being a mother on the move.”

Perry says she is enjoying this forced downtime with Bloom while they await the arrival of their baby girl.

“The DNA between both of us is very high energy,” Perry said regarding her husband Orlando, father to be. “She will be what she is and I am sure that she’s just here to teach us a lesson.”