We partnered with NYDJ to share how a great pair of maternity jeans is a morning must-have for any mama who's going places. Made by women, for women, NYDJ understands our bodies…especially during pregnancy.

There are some mamas you feel like you know without ever meeting them, and Nicole Ryan is one of them. As host of The SiriusXM Hits1 Morning Mashup, she's with you when you wake up for that early morning feed, and again when you sit down for that first, very necessary cup of coffee. She's there to make you laugh or smile after a hard night of sleep-training or a particularly rough bout of pregnancy anxiety. She was your mom friend before you were a mom, or possibly before she was.

Since she's been such a big part of so many of our mornings for so long, we were curious to see what her morning looks like. Especially now that she's pregnant with baby number two. And guess what we found out on a very early visit to her NYC home? She's just as normal as you hoped she'd be, from hitting the snooze button to get some more pregnancy ZZZZs, to rotating the same three pairs of cozy and chic NYDJ maternity jeans every day, to giving Katy Perry her breastfeeding play-by-play. Well, maybe not that last part. But just like the rest of us, this talented mama is working her heart out to make a better life for her daughter Parker (2.5) and her baby boy on the way.

Get a glimpse into Nicole's morning, and find out how this superstar DJ and working mama gets it all done.

5:25 - Alarm rings. Since I've been pregnant, I set my alarm a little earlier so I can snooze a few more times, because getting up has gotten more difficult as the months have gone on.

5:50 - Shower.

6:00 - Beautify, and get dressed, usually in a T-shirt and one of my three pairs of NYDJ jeans, which have been part of my go-to uniform because they might be the softest, coziest things that have ever touched my body. I love that NYDJ makes me not only look great but feel great. It definitely helps wearing jeans that make me feel confident to take on my day!

6:05 - If Parker wakes up, I grab her and throw her in bed with Daddy, and maybe even hop in for a quick cuddle!

6:10 - Get Parker a yogurt or cereal and a drink. My morning routine hasn't really changed that much since Parker came into our lives since (knock on wood!) she has been an amazing sleeper since birth. That, coupled with me leaving before the sun comes up, means I don't always see her. If I do, we snuggle in bed for a little, and then juggle grabbing her breakfast and playing in between showering and literally running out the door. NYDJ provides the support and comfort I need so I don't have to spend time worry about my outfit and I can give my full attention to Parker when we're playing.

6:15 - Pack my bag, say goodbyes and fly out the door and into a cab. My favorite part of the morning is the group hug Parker insists on before I walk out the door – my husband Matt, myself, Parker and Leo must all embrace before I leave, and my day doesn't feel complete without it.

Matt is on Daddy duty until our amazing nanny Emi comes at 7:30 and takes over. He's the most unbelievably hands-on father and has wildly exceeded my expectations of how a working father should be with their kids. He is her everything, and we are all very lucky to have him!

6:35-640 – Grab my coffee from my fave coffee guy and get into the studio to begin prepping. Being a parent definitely impacts my work. I'm always struggling to balance staying young and relevant to my audience and not fall into total “Mommy Mode." Being a mom can consume your life, and our show is not about being a mom… it's funny, it's games, it's celebrity gossip. It's supposed to be light, so I have to really work to switch gears once I get there.

It definitely bonds me with my guests, though. People love pregnant woman! Lady GaGa was obsessed with touching my belly when I interviewed her. Katy Perry wanted a play-by-play of me breastfeeding when I broadcasted while Parker was eating and she was the guest. And, of course, pregnancy has its perks: no one has ever said no to talking to me on the Red Carpet because, well, who says no to a pregnant woman!?

7:00 – We go live! It's hard being a working mom. But I hope Parker learns that this is a choice I've made. Working helps me be a better mom. I'm also blessed to have the ability to have such a flexible schedule, so I am home in the afternoons and get to spend tons of time with her – time that a lot of working moms aren't afforded.

I also want Parker to know that being a working mom makes me feel strong. This job was a huge part of my identity before her, and having her did not mean I needed to give it up. It meant I need to work that much harder to make it all work and I do, and each day I'm proud of that. I also work very hard to help give her an incredible life and to make money to try and give her the world...because she deserves it.

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Photography by Amy Frances for Well Rounded NY.