When the ultrasound confirmed our hopes of having a little boy, my husband and I were overjoyed. Growing up as a big sister to a brother, I had always wanted one girl and one boy. My husband and I had been blessed with a little girl two years earlier, and it seemed as if fate had answered my prayers with news of a baby boy on the way. All was well with the world.

And then, some sexist lies and stereotypical comments started pouring in about the craziness boy moms face once their little bundle of joy arrives. Boys are dirty! They are stinky! You’ll never be able to own anything nice!

For all those boy moms out there, here are 10 lies I believed about boys before I had my own.

1. Boys are dirty and stinky.

Aren’t all youngsters who play outside in the sun dirty and stinky? I’ve found that although my son gets dirty and sweaty and stinky while playing sports, he loves to be clean. As a little boy, he always loved bath time and now, just starting his teenage years, he takes daily showers, uses deodorant and on occasion, applies body spray (sometimes a little too much).

Plus, my son’s room is pretty much always clean. I would say he’s somewhat of a minimalist. He may not always make his bed, but he keeps his room and bathroom in order. He’ll even deep clean sometimes. I think the addition of a chore chart and allowance encouraged him to take on more cleaning responsibilities around the house.

2. Boys like frogs and bugs and stuff.

My son loves the outdoors, but I never experienced a surprise bug in the hair or lizard on the shoulder. Most boys (and girls) have lots of interests, whether it’s spending time enjoying nature, building LEGO® sets, helping in the kitchen, playing musical instruments, and more. Kids should try as many activities as possible to determine their interests.

3. He’ll never hit the toilet, and he will pee all over your bathroom.

Potty training can be a challenge for little boys. Thankfully, my son caught on pretty quickly, and we never had issues with urine all over the toilet or bathroom floor.

One tip I’ve heard about to teach your son how to aim in the potty is to use Cheerios. He can learn to aim at the center of the Cheerio and at least hit the water in the process! If you’re ready to potty train your little boy, check out these tips.

4. Boys get hurt a lot because they’re daredevils.

Do we keep a supply of bandages and Neosporin handy? Yes. But, there is always the chance any busy child may get hurt. We can kiss their booboos and treat their wounds. It’s also a good idea to keep scar treatment products on hand.

5. Boys aren’t sensitive.

Old cliches like “boys don’t cry” were stated to generations past, mostly to boys and young men. I believe this perception is changing. I don’t think being sensitive should be seen as a gender-based attribute. It’s human nature to have feelings. My son is empathetic and has been since he was very young. He is sensitive to others’ needs and is always there to lend a helping hand to friends and family. Whether a child’s emotion is angry or sad, happy or disgusted, it should be okay to share and learn how to deal with these feelings appropriately.

6. He will eat you out of house and home.

My son is super picky when it comes to food. He enjoys certain fruits, vegetables, and proteins, but he would rather skip a meal than eat something he doesn’t like.

Oftentimes, if he helps me cook, he’s more likely to at least try the dish. It’s a constant battle for us, but I’m hoping one day, his taste buds will mature, and he will enjoy all the delicious foods our world has to offer.

7. You will never be able to find any cute boy clothes.

There are so many options for cute boy clothes! I love little fedoras and caps, sweater vests and sports jackets. Although you may be able to find these cute little boy clothes, that doesn’t mean your son will actually wear them. Boys may dress up when forced to do so for a special occasion, but it’s shorts and t-shirts for my son even if it’s freezing outside!

8. Boys are slower to develop.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are developmental milestones for age groups regardless of gender, but each child develops at his or her own pace. Nutrition is important for both mental and physical growth at any age. Exercise and sleep are also important for healthy growth and development.

9. Boys aren’t as chatty as girls.

Our son may be a little more reserved than our daughter, but he loves a good conversation. He is often the one to begin a conversation at the dinner table by asking questions about our work day, what we may be doing over the weekend, and even about how my husband proposed!

10. Boys just love their mamas!

This stereotypical statement isn’t necessarily a lie, but either way, I choose to believe it!

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