Buying consignment for your baby is a no-brainer--your little one will probably outgrow their first year’s outfits faster than you can pay the credit card bills. But where does all that great consignment stuff come from? Well, it could come from you, if you buy with an eye towards selling it later on.

To help you figure out if you’ve got a second-hand goldmine in your baby’s closet, we turned to the experts at Flying Squirrel in Williamsburg, which--in addition to being an awesome baby and kids shop filled with handmade and local goods--has one of the most impressive second-hand departments for kiddos that we know.

“For kids, consignment is a no brainer. Adults can keep their favorite pair of jeans for 10 years, but a kid’s only got about 6 months,” says Flying Squirrel’s owner Kate Schmitz. “Children grow out of their clothing so quickly, but parents still want to dress their kids in the best.”

Below, Schmitz walks us through what will move best from your baby’s closet to someone else’s.

Images courtesy of Flying Squirrel.