Shawn Johnson and her husband, Andrew East, announced the birth of their new baby boy, Jett, on July 20. And though little Jett is just four weeks old, he's not exactly...little. Or maybe it's because his mom is little, that he doesn't look so little? Who can say! All we know is he is pretty darn cute, and so is Mama Shawn.

In a new Instagram post, she shares a photo of her holding her little baby boy while she grins from ear to ear. In the caption, she jokes that Jett is "already half my size!"

And while this is, of course, a it really though? LOL.

Last month, Johnson shared gorgeous black-and-white photos of her new son on her Instagram page. She and her husband also uploaded an amazing birth video of baby Jett's delivery, and it's a must-watch. The pair are already parents to their two-year-old daughter, Drew Hazel, who is a very proud big sister.

Before getting pregnant with daughter Drew, Johnson had a miscarriage. She opened up about the experience recently, and how it affected everything that came afterward.

"I don't feel like we ever felt ready [to have kids]...and then we accidentally ended up pregnant. It was a surprise for both of us and we ended up losing that pregnancy," Shawn says during a recent appearance on the Miraculous Mamas podcast. "It was after the miscarriage we both just kind of had this switch was a rude awakening of like, 'holy, crap we're going to have a kid,' but all of a sudden it was like "we're ready to have a kid and like we want nothing else.'"

We're so happy that Johnson is now the proud mama to Drew and Jett, and we can't wait to watch him continue to grow!