Winter is a fabulous time of the year. There's frost in the air, there's presents to unwrap, and don't even get us started on all the fun winter-themed desserts. It's time to cozy on up with our loved ones (P.S. see our hygge baby names here and our favorite hygge products here) and bask in the holiday spirit. And if your family is welcoming a new member during one of these winter months, it also means it's time to start baby name brainstorming! There's no such thing as too many ideas.

So, in addition to our December and January baby names, we've arranged a list of winter-inspired names that encompass everything we love about the chilly season from snow to hot cocoa!

While the months of winter don't necessarily serve as the most traditional names (but are still pretty nonetheless!), the season itself offers tons of baby name options such as Solstice, Winter, and Yule. Wintertime also means Christmastime! If December 25th is your favorite holiday, perhaps you'll want to name your baby Holly, Joseph, Carol, Faith, Eve, Nicholas, or Emmanuel. For 60+ more Christmas-themed baby names, check out our complete list here. Hanukkah is also celebrated during December. Hanukkah-inspired baby names include Judah, Eliora, Meyer, Nera, Uriel, and Zohar. Anorak, Noel, Polar, Robin, Feliz, Coco (for hot cocoa), Aspen, Clause or Klaus and Joy are all names that embody the spirit of winter. Snow is also a big part of the winter season. Alba means "white" in Latin while Bianca and Blanca mean "white" in Italian and Spanish. For a French translation, choose the name Blanche. Likewise, Yukio stands for "snow" in Japanese. Of course, our winter baby names roundup wouldn't be complete without a handful of names inspired by Santa's reindeer! Dasher, Vixen, Comet, Donner, and Rudolph are unique names for your lil' reindeer.