Choosing a baby name is hard work. Should you look to the stars (the other stars), celebrity baby names, for inspiration, or choose from popular baby names? Plus, how about the whole last name situation? There’s so many to choose from but you certainly can’t go wrong with zodiac baby names. And, one thing’s for sure, your life is about to get a whole lot more adventuresome and serene (their tarot card symbolizes calmness!) thanks to your baby Sagittarius.

Sagittariuses are beloved by many for their witty humor, adventurous spirit and generosity. Those born under this zodiac sign from November 22 to December 21 are a fire sign, which means they are constantly seeking new ways to express their creativity and opinions. Commonly referred to as “the travelers of the zodiac,” a Sagittarius will never pass up an opportunity for travel or adventure. Similarly, they’ll also always keep those around them laughing—they are after all known for their humor. Check out these unique baby names for your Sagittarius baby.

Here are 90 Sagittarius baby names for your little wanderlust-seeker

Sagittarius names inspired by fire

1. Aidan

Irish for “little and fiery.”

2. Blaze

English word name for “fire.”

3. Brando

Italian origin meaning “firebrand, sword.”

4. Brent

English for “dweller near the burnt land.”

5. Cyrus

Persian for “sun.”

6. Eliane

Latin origin meaning “sun.”

7. Ember

Smoldering pieces of wood or coal from a fire.

8. Flint

Used for striking a fire.

9. Helios

Greek for “sun.”

10. Ignacio

Spanish for “fiery.”

11. Ignatius

Latin for “fiery.”

12. Keahi

Hawaiian for “flames.”

13. Keegan

Gaelic for “small and fiery.”

14. Nuria

Catalan origin meaning “fire of the lord.”

15. Pele

Hawaiian goddess of fire.

16. Phoenix

Greek origin meaning “dark red.”

17. Rhys

Welsh for “ardor.”

18. Seraphina

Hebrew origin meaning “ardent” or “fiery.”

19. Soleil

French for “sun.”

20. Tyson

English for “firebrand.”

21. Uri

Hebrew origin meaning “my flame, my light.”

Sagittarius names inspired by their color—blue

22. Blue

Color name.

23. Celia

Latin for “heavenly.”

24. Citrine

Gemstone-inspired name.

25. Cyan

Blue-green color name.

26. Hyacinth

Greek for “blue larkspur.”

27. Indigo

A deep blue-purple dye color name.

28. Jay

Latin for “jaybird.”

29. Livia

Latin origin meaning “blue.”

30. Ocean

Nature-inspired name.

31. River

Nature-inspired name.

32. Sapphire

Gemstone-inspired name.

33. Skye

Refers to the Scottish Isle of Skye which means brings sky down to earth.

34. Slate

Gray-blue color name.

Sagittarius names inspired by celebrities

35. Ben (Stiller)

36. Bill (Nye)

37. Brad (Pitt)

38. Britney (Spears)

39. Charlie (Puth)

40. Chrissy (Teigen)

41. Jake (Gyllenhaal)

42. Jamie Lee (Curtis)

43. Jane (Fonda)

44. Janelle (Monae)

45. Kaley (Cuoco)

46. Lucy (Liu)

47. Miley (Cyrus)

48. Nicki (Minaj)

49. Rita (Ora)

50. Taylor (Swift)

51. Tina (Turner)

52. Tyra (Banks)

Sagittarius names inspired by Sagittarius trait, funny

53. Beatrix

Dutch origin meaning “she who brings happiness.”

54. Gil

Hebrew for “happiness.”

55. Ike

Diminutive of Isaac, meaning “laughter.”

56. Isaac

Hebrew for “laughter.”

57. Kiki

French origin meaning “double happiness.”

58. Noemi

Latin variation of Naomi, meaning “my delight.”

59. Sunny

Nickname name.

Sagittarius names inspired by Sagittarius trait, Generous

60. Gennady

Russian for “generous.”

61. Hiroko

Japanese origin meaning “generous, fair.”

62. Hiroshi

Japanese for “generous.”

63. Lilo

Hawaiian for “generous one.”

Sagittarius names inspired by Sagittarius trait, Adventurous

64. Atlas

Geographical word name.

65. Avalon

Celtic origin meaning “island of apples.”

66. Christopher

Greek origin meaning “bearer of Christ.”

67. Farrah

Arabic for “happiness.”

68. Ferdinand

German origin meaning “bold voyager.”

69. Journey

English word name.

70. Liberty

English word name meaning freedom.

71. Noah

Hebrew for “rest” and “repose.”

72. Terra

Latin for “earth.”

73. Tripp

American word name.

74. West

Geographical word name.

75. Wilder

Surname-turned-first name.

Sagittarius girl names and boy names inspired by their tarot card—Temperance

76. Axel

Scandinavian origin meaning “father of peace.”

77. Arcadia

Greek origin meaning “region offering peace and contentment.”

78. Dove

Nature-inspired name.

79. Humphrey

German for “peaceful warrior.”

80. Irene

Greek for “peace.”

81. Mira

Latin origin meaning “admirable” or “peace.”

82. Pax

Latin for “peaceful.”

83. Peace

Word name.

84. Serena

Latin for “tranquil” or “serene.”

85. Serenity

Latin for “peaceful.”

86. Shiloh

Hebrew origin meaning “tranquil.”

87. Siegfried

German origin meaning “victorious peace.”

88. Solomon

Hebrew for “peace.”

89. Winifred

Welsh origin meaning “blessed peacemaking.”

90. Zuma

Arabic for “peace.”

A version of this post was published September 16, 2021. It has been updated.