Diaper Backpacks for the Multitasking Mom

Give your parenting style a hands-free makeover with these 8 diaper backpacks.

Diaper Backpacks for the Multitasking Mom

Ask any mother what her most treasured day-to-day accessory is, and she'll likely point to her trusty diaper bag. Yes, the diaper bag is her lifeline when hitting the street with a little one in tow. But it can be cumbersome too, especially when having to clutch on to it or adjust its shoulder strap while tending to a fussy baby. Don’t despair. You can give yourself a hand (or two!) by swapping your regular diaper bag for a diaper backpack.

We know, we know... This childhood staple doesn't really scream "grown-up." But we, multitasking mamas, need a little hands-free mobility to master the balancing act of handling a baby, a stroller and that much-needed morning coffee. The 8 diaper backpacks ahead are not only grab-and-go carryalls that will make our lives easier, but also accessories that can instantly complement and elevate our styles.


Skip Hop has given one of its satchels the upgrade all mamas on the go have been waiting for. The Chelsea Downtown Chic diaper backpack now offers all the must-have features of a diaper bag and the convenience of hands-free parenting. With all of its compartments, this backpack is the ultimate parenting "utility belt" to keep all your essentials handy and organized. Plus, it has two insulated bottle pockets, clip-on straps to hang it on the stroller, and metal feet to keep it off the ground at all times. Do we need to add that it’s one of the cheapest options out there? Price: $100













For those who are looking for a Mary Poppins-esque carryall, Lily Jade’s Elizabeth is, ahem, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. The diaper bag, which is made of soft premium leather and isn't overwhelmingly huge, looks nothing like a diaper bag. But its removable, washable baby bag organizer boasts no less than 16 different pockets and can hold all of baby's necessities – and yours – without bursting at the seam. Designed with the active, fashion-forward mama in mind, the Elizabeth diaper bag not only converts into a messenger bag and a backpack, but also moonlights as a purse for your bébé-free outings – all you have to do is snap out the organizer. Price: $295 (on sale)


Being a parent is hardly an elegant or effortless job. But thanks to the Julien, no one has to leave style behind when toting all of baby’s stuff around town. With its timeless detailing and its utilitarian design, Leader’s backpack is in it for the long haul and makes mom and dad look good, no matter what they wear. It features vegetable-tanned leather trims, rose gold-platted hardware and water-resistant canvas, which can be wiped clean in a jiffy. The Julien's shoulder straps are also long enough for a very tall dad. Plus, it has all the diaper bag’s must-haves to stay organized and be fully present for your wee one – from four bottle pockets to interior mesh compartments to a sleeve for the changing kit. As if we needed more convincing, Leader Bag Co also wants to leave the smallest footprint possible and manufactures all of its products here, in the United States. Price: $465


The black Fawn Design bag is like the little black dress in our closet: it’s a chameleon piece that can be as dressed up or dressed down as the occasion warrants. In other words, its black-and-gold combo shines as a classic that virtually goes with anything. The wide U-shaped opening does much more than gifting the bag with an unusual and modern look. It helps you see and access all of your everyday essentials with ease (and without having to take the bag off of both shoulders). The bag, which can be worn as a backpack or a messenger bag, holds true to form and keeps you organized, with a total of nine pockets. It is made of vegan leather, inside and out; and its liner pulls out for easy cleaning. Price: $145.99


The Hilo backpack is the perfect hands-free diaper bag, day bag or everything bag to make the most of a bright spring day. It’s got all the storage space you need for your city commutes and family hikes alike: two leather side pockets, two interior storage pouches, a laptop compartment and more. If your back gets sore, you can attach the backpack on the stroller with its two removable stroller straps. We love the Guatemalan-inspired designs and textile. But what we love even more is that getting a grip on this bag also means helping those in need. Indeed, Humble Hilo donates a portion of its proceeds to support humanitarian projects, like Infant and Child Nutrition, Education, and Microfinance for Women in Guatemala. $159


The Pathway Pack, which features a minimalist color block palette, doesn’t just have the looks to travel seamlessly from the playground to the boardroom. It’s thoughtfully designed, too. It’s light, has ten pockets and a laptop compartment, and comes complete with a removable changing pad and a wipe case. The pack’s exterior is made of the brand’s signature glazed canvas, which is a breeze to wipe clean. Spacious but not bulky, this backpack helps you lug all of baby’s gear without making you feel like you’re carrying a diaper bag – yet another proof that Petunia Pickle Bottom is committed to celebrating modern parenting in style. Price: $159


This coming fall, Product of The North will provide parents with a line of fashionable diaper backpacks that are also tough enough for the great outdoors. The Westin, in particular, caught our attention and is sure to become our go-to bag for our action-packed weekends. It features a clever hands-free magnetized flap closure, large front pockets and many compartments of various sizes to organize all of baby’s essentials and your electronics. With its roll-down top loader, the backpack fluctuates in size to fit both mom and dad. What’s more, it converts into a tote and grows with the entire family well after baby's toddler years. As for most of the backpacks featured here, the Westin comes complete with removable stroller clips, a changing mat and a baby wipe kit. Suggested price: $180


Keep the clutter away from your daily adventures with Honest Company’s City backpack. It’s got five interior pockets, one small exterior pocket, and a large insulated comportment for snacks and bottles. The changing pad, which is included in the backpack, also has a zippered pocket for wipes and other diapering essentials. Made of faux leather, the city backpack is nonetheless sturdy and water resistant. It features a PVC-free lining that is easy to clean. To top it all off, the bag is free of toxic foams, BPA and phthalates. Price: $149.95

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