Allyson Felix qualified for her fifth consecutive Olympic team over the weekend—she’s the most decorated American woman in Olympic track and field history after winning nine medals, six of them gold. Quanera Hayes narrowly beat Felix with a time of 49.78 seconds, her fastest time since winning the U.S. title in 2017. It’s Felix’s first Olympics since her traumatic birth in the fall of 2018.

Felix was the immediate runner-up with a time of 50.02—and both moms will represent Team USA at the Olympic Games in Tokyo next month. It’ll be their first Olympic games as moms (and Hayes’ first time at the Olympics).

Both Hayes and Felix gave birth to their first children within weeks of each other in the fall of 2018: Hayes to son Demetrius and Felix to daughter Camryn. Both kids joined their moms on the track immediately following the race for a celebration playdate.

Felix had a tough journey getting back on track after giving birth. She said she was suffering from severe preeclampsia while pregnant with Camryn, who was delivered by emergency C-section at just 32 weeks. Luckily, she and her daughter have been healthy ever since.

And in 2019, Felix broke Usain Bolt’s winning record—at 10 months postpartum. Yes, she did that. She DID that.

In a new ad for Saysh, a community-centered lifestyle brand that creates products for, and by, women—founded by Felix—she opens up about being an athlete and a mother. The powerful photo shows Felix wearing all of her medals and proudly, boldly displaying her C-section scar.

“I built @bysaysh with @pwesley22 because we didn’t see what we thought the world needed,” she captioned the photo. “The world doesn’t need more shoes, but the world does need to see women wholly and meet them right where they are. That’s what we’re hoping to do with @bysaysh. We want women to feel seen and known. I hope I’m able to leave this sport better than I found it and this world better than when I entered it.”

Earlier this month, Felix told she’s proud to be an example to mothers. “Society tells us a lot of times that you have a child and your best moments are behind you, but that’s absolutely not the case,” said Felix. “I am representation of that. Quanera is.”

“We’re going to Tokyo, guys,” Felix explained to Camryn, who hugged Hayes’ son Demetrius.

“Super mommies, yeah!” Hayes exclaimed!

What an amazing, historic moment for these two athletes and mothers to experience and for all of us to bear witness to.

Cheers to both of these amazing talented moms who are an inspiration to us all. We can’t wait to watch them win next month in Tokyo!