When Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her little girl she broke a self-imposed vow of social media silence, and when she followed up with a baby name announcement she broke records.

Yes, the first photo of little Stormi Webster has become the most liked Instagram post ever, with more than 15.3 million users and counting giving it the double tap. Kylie Jenner has officially created the most popular social media baby announcement in history.

The 20-year-old first-time mom had been famously private since word of her pregnancy leaked in September, and didn’t even confirm the news until several days after her daughter’s birth. When she did break the news last Sunday, she did it in her family’s break-the-internet style, posting an 11-minute video montage of her pregnancy journey that took a lot of eyeballs away from the Super Bowl.

Most expecting parents aren’t hoping for a birth announcement that will rival major sporting events or name reveals that break social media records, but there are a few tips we can glean from Kylie’s photo.

Stormi’s history-making name announcement proves that even in the era of polished videos and prop-heavy photo shoots, a simple picture of a little hand grasping a finger can be social media perfection—and you don’t even have to show your baby’s whole face.

If, like Kylie, you’d like to keep your baby to yourself (a least for a little while) a shot of a hand or a tiny pair of feet can give your friends and family their first glimpse of your little one, without giving everything away.

Some parents choose to have photographers at their birth, while others just bring a DSLR along in the hospital bag. Even if you don’t haul a big camera along to the hospital, you can easily recreate the simplicity of Stormi’s name announcement with a simple iPhone snap.

Your announcement may not get millions of likes, but it will likely get plenty of love from your friends and family.