With our first babies, it’s all baby showers and weekly bump photos, fancy anti-nausea candies and naps. But moms of two, three, four, or even more know how much harder it gets to document and enjoy the milestones that come with subsequent pregnancies. With toddlers bouncing around your legs, documenting these memories falls by the wayside.

But Mandy Moore, “37+ weeks” pregnant with her second child, showed that she was going to push through all the mayhem and make sure to take some maternity photos before her new bundle of joy arrives.

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In an Instagram post this week, she shouts out her photographer, who she says was down for a last-minute adventure (we see you Mandy, not having the time to plan these things months ahead). “…Seriously —I brought some clothes from my closet, changed in the back of my car and we dodged a bunch of guys practicing frisbee at a park by my house to grab these shots… oh all in 90-degree heat lol)…With a toddler and a husband on the road, it’s been a challenge to find time to mark this season of my life but baby boy is more than worth it.”

Her maternity photos at the end of her pregnancy wowed her followers, as she looked as stunning as ever despite the heat and chaos. 

Her first photo featured a floor-length long sleeve accordion style gown, in a black and white image of her in a park-like setting, her long wavy hair down and not looking 90 degrees, like, at all. Her second photo was staged in a tree (how, oh how did she get in this tree?!) with a riveting supermodel glam face and a pale blue dress. Her last photo looks much more like us everyday moms, in capris sweatpants, with her belly peeking out of a cozy blue sweater, standing inside (presumably) her home. 

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Amidst her millions of fans, a few commenters pointed out how much they loved the photos and her down-to-earth explanation of the situation. “Ok ok, I’d do maternity shots like this,” one said. Another joked “…and you climbed a tree!” Another nodded to her taking the time to create beautiful images despite the heat and stress — “Maternity, but make it art.” Yet another added a comment with the hashtag #DoitAll, commending her outfit changes and tree ambitions.

Mothers around the world applauded her work life balance earlier this summer as well, when she prioritized her growing family and health over the remaining show dates in 2022. She pointed to long bus hours and not getting enough rest as reasons why she needed to call it quits for a while, and head home. She and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, also share their toddler son August together. For those who have been following her pregnancy since her early June announcement, there are only a few more weeks to wait.