Alicia McCarvell is a TikTok influencer who posted a video featuring her husband, Scott, and the video has since had over 41 million views.

This viral TikTok has garnered a lot of attention. But, is it for the right reasons? McCarvell doesn't think so.

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McCarvell, @aliciamccarvell on TikTok, shares content about a wide variety of things, including body positive messages. Her husband is fit and he frequently is referenced or featured in her content.


My forever wedding date ♥️ @scottymc4 ||••

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In this original video, husband and wife are participating in one of the various TikTok trends. Their transition video features them both freshly showered and then all dolled up for a night out.

Of course, videos just like this one have been all over TikTok and Instagram lately. And McCarvell, who has 5.4 million followers on TikTok and over 800,000 on Instagram, is no stranger to getting views or comments on her videos.

But, she noticed the comments for this particular video and the amount of views (41 million!) it got both meant that there was something else going on.

So, she posted a video addressing the negative comments.


let’s address the trash beauty standards in the room ||••

♬ original sound – Alicia Mccarvell

McCarvell starts by saying, "I posted a simple transition video of me and my husband going from towels to dressed up together. This is not unlike what all kinds of different couples do on this app. My video went viral and I know we all know why."

"It's because by beauty standards we don't make sense," she says.

Then she goes on to make some very valid points.

She says, "We've been made to believe that somebody who is physically fit like Scott could never in 1 million years be in love with or compatible with a fat woman and that's solely because the world has literally taught us that we have to value our worth on our bodies."

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Of course, this shouldn't come as a surprise. From fashion ads to beauty commercials (or any kind of commercial really), the lead woman is oftentimes someone who has an unattainable body image. And, as studies so often show our societal beauty standards create harsh expectations, especially for younger girls.

She goes on to say, "And on the scale of what my husband values, how well my body fits into beauty standards is not on the top of his list. He values my humor and my commitment and my love and my caring heart. None of these things he values about me change if my body changes."

Who we are on the inside will always be much more important than how our bodies look on the outside. As McCarvell says in the video, whether you're overvaluing yourself or undervaluing yourself both are problematic because your view of yourself is based on the belief that your value lies in how your body looks.

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McCarvell and Scott are high school sweethearts. And as she talks about in the video, these kinds of cruel comments are, unfortunately, something she's dealt with before.

She ends with an important message, "I know that people's values don't lie in how well their bodies fit into society's trash beauty standards. And I get it if this is the way you think, it's the way you've been taught, however, it is your responsibility to unlearn it."

McCarvell embracing herself exactly as she is and feeling confident in her marriage and her husband is exactly the kind of social media content we need.

Her posts about self-love don't go unnoticed either. Outshining all of the negative commenters on her posts, there are so many others thanking her for showing them how to love themselves better.

"Preach. ❤️you are so inspiring my friend ❤️"

"Your advocacy is incredible. You boost me everyday! 🥰"

"Just so you know. You are BEAUTIFUL. And you’re helping me heal my own insecurities. You’re helping me love myself again🤍"