While 2020 has been tough, at-home fitness programs have thrived. One of the most popular ones is Peloton, garnering more than 3 million users—up 113% from last year. Their digital subscriptions allow people to stay active at home, either using their branded spin bike or treadmill or simply logging into their app for bodyweight exercises.

And, they are taking their success to the next level with the launch of a prenatal program with one of their most popular instructors and VP of fitness programming, Robin Arzón. She announced her first pregnancy back in September during a live ride.

Arzón and Peloton launched a docu-style series, "Strong as a Mother" available for streaming on Youtube. The first part dropped last week, and the rest will launch in the new year.

And she's created a comprehensive prenatal program—Robin's Prenatal Class Series—designed for Peloton users. Think: cycling, strength and stretching, specifically for mamas-to-be. Classes are now available on-demand on the app!

She told Yahoo! Finance that she created the program "so women understand that they are the strongest creatures on this planet" and that she'll work to launch postnatal content after she gives birth in March of 2021. We can't wait to see more.