The Baby Shark song is everywhere. On our TVs, on our phones, in toys and even on the speakers in baseball stadiums.

Father and Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus recently selected the Baby Shark song as his walk-up tune, puzzling sports reporters who are used to hearing players pumping Drake or Guns N' Roses when they approach the plate.

"It reminds me of my son and gets me where I want to be for an at-bat," Andrus told SportsDay. "You will get used to it. I did."

(Parents are nodding right now.)

Fox Sports Southwest reporter Emily Jones clearly does not care for Andrus' nautical themed bop and caught up with him in the dugout to ask him what is up with the song choice. He told her it's his son's favorite song, so he had to give it a shot.


Andus' son, Elvis Emilio, is nearly 2 years old and basically the perfect demographic for Baby Shark.

If Baby Shark doesn't help Andrus hit home runs though, the jam may get knocked from the playlist. Andrus told "I am very superstitious, if it gets a hit every day, I am going to keep it. If I don't get any hits, it might not be up there. Hopefully it will be the song I hit well with."

We think it's adorable that Andrus wants to think of Elvis Jr. when he steps up to bat. Keep crankin' the Baby Shark Dance, Daddy!

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